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Cash Management FAQs: Payment Services

Fidelity® Visa® Gold Check Card

Fidelity BillPay®

  • What is Fidelity BillPay®?

    Fidelity BillPay® is an online service that allows you to receive and pay eBills (electronic bills) from participating billers, pay one-time and automatic bills, review payment history, and set up bill reminders with just a few clicks. Since you no longer have to write checks or pay for postage stamps, Fidelity BillPay saves you time and money. Once you’ve established your BillPay account on Fidelity.com, you can also pay bills while on the go with your iPhone®, iPod touch®, iPad®, or Android™ mobile device.

  • What is the fee for Fidelity BillPay®?

    Fidelity BillPay® is a free online service for all customers.

  • What are the requirements to establish Fidelity BillPay®?

    To establish Fidelity BillPay®, you must have a Fidelity non-retirement brokerage account with an individual, joint, estate, or trust registration.

    Note: Portfolio Advisory Services Accounts are not eligible.

  • How do I establish Fidelity BillPay®?

    To establish Fidelity BillPay®, log in to Fidelity.com and select Manage Account Features within Customer Service.

  • How do I contact Fidelity for help with Fidelity BillPay®?

    To contact us regarding Fidelity BillPay® enrollment, send us an email or contact a Fidelity BillPay representative at 800-544-5703. Representatives are available to answer your questions 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.


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