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Build your own portfolio by choosing your funds

Building your own portfolio may be a good choice if you:

  • Prefer to do your own research and pick the funds you want
  • Prefer to construct your own target asset allocation based upon your risk tolerance and financial situation
  • Have the time to manage your portfolio on an ongoing basis

Explore the full spectrum of available funds

FPRA funds cover all asset classes, from fixed income to specialized sectors, so you can find the mix of funds that helps you achieve your strategic investment goals within your target asset mix.

Note: Review each fund for its investment objective, strategy, and risk.

Benefits of domestic equity funds:

  • Exposure to successful, innovative, and profitable companies
  • Potential to grow your investment
  • A good foundation for risk-tolerant investors

Benefits of international equity funds:

  • Tap into the growth potential in other parts of the world
  • Lower the volatility of your profile through diversification

Benefits of index funds:

  • Focused on tracking benchmark index
  • Generally lower management fees

Benefits of sector funds:

  • Tactical investment approaches, such as sector rotation strategies
  • More precise equity concentration
  • Greater diversification of your portfolio

Benefits of fixed income funds:

  • Potential for capital preservation, depending on the fund
  • Income generation
  • Liquidity

Benefits of money market funds:

  • Short maturities and minimal credit risk
  • Seeks to preserve capital and liquidity

Get help selecting your investments

We offer fund performance pages to provide a variety of important information, including performance reports (average annual total returns by quarter and month as well as short-term performance), Morningstar ratings, and daily pricing for annuity funds.

Click on any portfolio name and you'll be able to pull up a comprehensive overview of the current fund details, including expenses, holdings, and objectives. These powerful resources help make it faster and easier for you to compare choices and help make your investment decisions.

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