Annuities FAQs: Deferred Income Annuities

  • How soon can you start receiving income?

    The standard minimum deferral period is usually two years from the date the policy is issued. However, the flexible income start date feature of the product often allows the customer to start receiving income on any date at least 13 months after the latest investment.

  • How is income calculated?

    A number of factors go into calculating how much income you'll receive, including your age, gender, and the purchase amount applied to the annuity. You can use Fidelity's Guaranteed Income Estimator to calculate potential income or call us at 866-450-3909 for a personalized quote.

  • When and how often can you make additional investments?

    In most cases, you can make additional investments any time up to two years before the income start date. There may be a minimum dollar amount for these additional investments, but please refer to the product materials for more information.

  • How are rates calculated for additional investments?

    With each additional investment, you secure incremental future income based on the payout rate in effect at the time you make the additional investment.