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Our customers share their experiences saving for retirement, tackling life's financial challenges, and how partnering with Fidelity has made all the difference.

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Saving for college
"When both of my daughters were born in the 1980s, we started an investment account ..."

Long-term strategic magic  
"My Rep gave me good suggestions for using my substantial retirement savings without having to draw it down for steady income ..."

Better service than the rest  
"I started with Fidelity many years ago after our company changed the administrators of our 401(k) from another company to Fidelity ..."

Alleviating retirement fears 
"When my husband passed away in 2008, I inherited his Fidelity retirement account. At that time, I was not yet old enough to retire ..."

Trust in a secure future 
"After becoming a widow at 39, I reached out to Fidelity to guide me into the transition of making important financial decisions ..."

A solid plan at the right time   
"I was 28 when I turned a part-time design business into my full-time career ..."

Making up for lost time  
"My husband and I didn't start saving for our retirement until we were in our 40's ..."

Making the most of a legacy
"After my mother died, it was very important to manage the inheritance ..."

Great service, great people
"At age 56, having years in a factory and many companies handle my 401(k), I retired ..."

Always there 
"I like Fidelity for many reasons. Their online services provide me flawless information ..."

A best friend for your financial plan   
"First, let me start off by saying that I truly love my husband. In our entire marriage he has taken no interest in the management of our money…"

Learning the ropes 
"My story is all of the employees of the Naples office. They have helped me learn all of the tools that Fidelity has to offer ..."

Early retirement? No problem!  
"Retirement came earlier for me than I wanted due to a downsizing program in my company ..."

Retiring early and pursuing new dreams 
"With Fidelity’s help, I retired early from a career of developing ways to build light bulbs ..."

Easy to manage investment options
"Fidelity has given my wife and I the flexibility and options to help meet our investment needs ..."

Expertise at any time  
"Several years prior to retiring, one of my 401(k) plans was established with Fidelity ..."

Trusted help at every step 
"I'm a recently retired 65 year old self-directed investor. With limited experience ..."

Simplifying your retirement   
"I've been retired now for 4 years and I'm totally satisfied with Fidelity. Prior to retiring, my wife and I had our retirement accounts at multiple institutions ..."

Securing your retirement  
"I sleep much better now. Like everyone else, my portfolio was heading south on a slippery slope in 2008-9 ..."

It's the little things  
"When I was let go by my company after 26 years, I wondered where I was going to go with my Fidelity account ..."

Peace of mind
"When I was 60, my job was eliminated for the second time in about a 4 year period. I quickly found the job hunt to be exasperating at my age ..."

Already one of the family
"Some years ago I was thinking of retiring soon, at that time. I needed to check into what needed to be done to roll over my 401(k) ..."

A steady course through rough market waters
"I was a lucky guy during my working days because I worked for a company that had a 401(k) program. This made me look at the market and make my investment choices ..."

The total package    
"We've been a customer of Fidelity for many years. At the same time, we had an account with another large and reputable brokerage firm ..."

Fidelity always listens    
"I have been a Fidelity customer since 1990. I had a 401(k) plan at a small savings bank that was managed by Fidelity ..."

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