Tax topics for investors

When it comes to income tax, certain subjects inevitably inspire questions. This section gives you the basics on the top areas of concern for Fidelity customers.

All income

Additional tax information from your royalty trust
Compute and report income, deductions, and credits based on your trust units.

Alternative Minimum Tax
Learn about this alternative taxation system, which is aimed at wealthier taxpayers.

Investing and deposit account income

Mutual funds
Understand how distributions from mutual funds are handled on your tax return.

Interest income
Find out what types of interest are taxed as ordinary income and what types may be tax-exempt.

Capital Gains and Cost Basis
If you or a fund you own sold shares, get to the bottom of how gains and losses are reported on your federal income tax.

Qualified Dividends
Learn the basic principles behind what dividend income is taxed at lower capital gains rates.

Annual Credit for Substitute Payments
If you have a margin account, you may receive these payments and need to understand how to treat them on your return.

Retirement account contributions and income

Retirement accounts
Learn about deductible contributions as well as how withdrawals may affect your federal income tax return.

Roth IRA conversions
Gain an understanding of the federal income tax implications associated with converting a Traditional IRA to a Roth IRA.

Unrelated Business Taxable Income (UBTI)/Form 990-T
Learn how it's possible to pay taxes on an IRA or retirement account before taking withdrawals or distributions.

Tax resources