Travel notifications

Travel notifications may prevent you from encountering issues while using your Fidelity® Debit Card during your travels. Letting us know your travel plans, whether domestic or international, helps reduce the likelihood of authorized debit card transactions being declined when traveling. We monitor your activity 24/7 and decline transactions that do not appear to belong to you.

Placing a travel notification

You can place a travel notification in three different ways:

Select the Add travel notification button at the top of this page and follow the instructions.

Use the Fidelity mobile app to add a travel notification. Select your account, click the utility menu (three dots) and click the Manage debit card link.

Call the Fidelity Debit Card Services number on the back of your card.

A debit card security alert is sent to confirm the addition of a travel notification. If you did not add the travel notification, please contact Fidelity Debit Card Services.

Advanced notice

Notifications will immediately be noted to your account. You can notify us of any travel plans you have up to 90 days in advance.

Multiple travel destinations

Each destination should be added as a unique travel notification. If you'll be in two locations on the same day, your end date should be based on the destination in which you’ll spend the majority of that day.

Edit/delete a travel notification

Should your travel plans change, you can easily edit or delete your travel notification. You can access the travel notification page the same way you set up your notification and simply use the Edit or Delete link next to the notification you want to modify.