Whether you're a few years out or already there, we'll work with you throughout your transition so your retirement is on your terms.

The Fidelity Perspective

  • Approaching retirement: Compare your estimated expenses in retirement against your current expenses. Plan for essential, discretionary, and emergency expenses.
  • Living well into retirement: Combine dependable income for everyday expenses with other income to cover unexpected costs.

Create your path to retirement

Explore our Planning & Guidance Center today. You can make a plan for your retirement and find out where you currently stand.

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Approaching retirement

Prepare for the transition

Learn how to match your assets against your expenses in retirement and get tips to help create an income plan.

How Social Security works

Deciding when and how to take your Social Security can impact this key part of any income plan.

Tip: Consider "catching up" on your IRA

Investors aged 50 or older are allowed to add an additional $1,000 annually.

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Living well into retirement

Plan for your future wellness

Finances are only one part of a comprehensive life plan. Use these questions to help you strategize more broadly about your future wellness.

Generating income in retirement

Learn how to create an income plan that can support your lifestyle throughout retirement.

About required minimum distributions (RMDs)

Learn what RMDs will mean for you and how to begin making withdrawals.

Fidelity resources to help you transition into retirement

Portfolio Advisory Services

Tell us what matters to you. Our team will build a portfolio to support your goals, then work with you to keep it on track.

Retirement insights from our experts

It's natural to have questions. Fidelity Viewpoints® articles provide our experts' current thinking on retirement and other financial topics to help guide you.

Save with a Fidelity IRA

Looking for another way to save beyond a 401(k)? A Fidelity IRA lets you continue saving for retirement tax-deferred, with no annual account fees.*

Generate income with annuities

Get an estimate for guaranteed income payments you can receive through a fixed income annuity.

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