Options Trading Platforms

Experience the power of the Active Trader Pro®,1 trading platform, the helpful tools on our Fidelity.com pages, and the convenience of mobile trading.


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Trade with Active Trader Pro®

Active Trader Pro provides an in-depth suite of options tools to monitor market trends, fine-tune strategies, and execute simple and complex options trades.

  • Direct single- and multi-leg options trades2 to the exchange of your choice, or let Fidelity's smart order routing help you find the best prices
  • Multi-leg trading ticket allows you to build up to four-legged options strategies
  • Use the Option Trade Builder to "build" your option trades in 3 steps. Pick your outlook, strategy, expiration, and strike price to quickly build a trade, with educational details provided to support those newer to option trading. Watch a short video on how Option Trade Builder can help you confidently place an options trade. NEW
  • Strategy Ideas helps you determine which strike price and expiration have performed best over the previous two years for covered call and cash-secured put strategies
  • Key Statistics and Today's Biggest Trades help you analyze market sentiment
  • Probability and Profit and Loss Calculators let you easily analyze and evaluate your trading ideas or existing positions3

Trade on our website

Fidelity.com provides in-depth options research, analytics, and idea generation tools integrated with our easy-to-use trading ticket.

  • Quickly evaluate current market conditions with our Key Statistics and Today’s Biggest Trades
  • Scan the market for unique trading opportunities using prebuilt or custom Market Scanners
  • Validate your strategy with the Probability and Profit and Loss Calculators
  • Trade by simply linking to a prefilled trade ticket to review and submit your single or multi-leg options trade

Trade on your mobile device

Manage your options portfolio from your iPad®, iPhone®, Android™, or Windows Phone 8 device with Fidelity Mobile® apps.

  • Trade options—anytime, anywhere
  • Get real-time quotes for a single option or use the options chain to view them all
  • Track your account positions and preferred securities
  • Get the latest news and views on the market

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