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Mobile Check Deposit FAQs

  • What is Mobile Check Deposit?

    Mobile Check Deposit is a free service that allows you to transmit an electronic image of a check to Fidelity using the camera in your mobile device, for deposit into your eligible Fidelity account.

    Read the Mobile Check Deposit Terms of Use.

  • How does the service work?

    On your eligible device, there will be a menu selection, Deposit Checks. Select the desired account, enter the amount of the check and follow the steps. You will need to snap photos of the front and back of your check with the camera on your device. Fidelity uses the image of your check to process your deposit request.

  • What types of Fidelity accounts are eligible?

    Most Fidelity brokerage accounts are eligible to use with mobile check scan. Your eligible accounts are listed in the app.

  • What are the annual IRA contribution limits?

    For IRAs:
    2014 and 2015 IRA contribution limits

    • For 2014 and 2015, the regular annual contribution limit to a Traditional or Roth IRA (if eligible) is $5,500.
    • If you are age 50 or older, you can make an additional catch-up contribution of up to $1,000, for a total contribution of $6,500.

    For SEP IRAs: Employer contribution limits are $52,000 for 2014 and $53,000 for 2015.

  • What are the deadlines associated with making a Prior Year Contribution to an IRA using Mobile Check Deposit?

    The deadline for making a Prior Year Contribution (PYC) for the 2014 tax year is Wednesday, April 15, 2015.

    Online and mobile: 11:59 p.m. Eastern time, Wednesday, April 15, 2015

    By mail: Postmarked by Wednesday, April 15, 2015

    Note: If mailing your contribution on or close to April 15, please retain proof of postmark by using USPS certified mail, or an IRS-approved overnight delivery service (USPS Express Mail, FedEx and UPS).

    Contributions made via mobile check deposit prior to 11:59 p.m. ET, and found to be in good order will be processed.

    Contributions made prior to 4 p.m. ET and found not to be in good order (e.g., incomplete submission, illegible check), will receive an alert with instructions for correcting the attempted contribution. However, if such a submission is made between 4 p.m. and 11:59 p.m. ET, (hours when the market is closed), Fidelity will be unable to send an alert.

    If you have any reservations about your ability to complete a deposit for PYC using mobile check deposit, please visit Fidelity.com/IRA or contact a Fidelity representative at 800-343-3548.

  • Can I use the service to fund a new account?

    Yes, you can fund an account that is included in list of eligible Fidelity accounts once agreeing to the Terms of Use.

  • Can I use the service to deposit checks for Portfolio Advisory Services fees?

    No, the service cannot be used to deposit checks for any advisory fees. Checks for advisory fees must be mailed to Fidelity at one of the following addresses:

    U.S. Mail:
      Fidelity Investments
      PO Box 5000
      Cincinnati, OH 45273-8617

    Overnight/Certified Mail:
      Fidelity Investments
      100 Crosby Parkway
      KC1K, OSG Prep PAS Fees
      Covington, KY 41015

  • What types of checks are accepted?

    Generally, you may deposit the same types of checks that you deposit in the mail or at an Investor Center. We will only accept checks that are made payable to Fidelity Brokerage Services LLC or to one or more account owners. The types of checks that we will accept through this service include:

    • Personal checks
    • Cashier’s or bank checks
    • Certified checks
    • Federal Reserve checks
    • U.S. Treasury checks
    • Business checks
    • Institutional checks, such as those issued from a workplace retirement plan, e.g., 401k plan
  • Are there any types of checks that are not accepted?

    Fidelity will not accept the following check types through this service:

    • Checks made payable to cash
    • Altered checks
    • Checks in a foreign currency or drawn on a foreign bank
    • Post-dated checks
    • Stale-dated checks (generally, checks dated more than 180 days prior to receipt)
    • Unsigned checks
    • Money orders
    • Third-party checks
    • Traveler’s checks
    • Starter kit checks
  • Do I need to endorse my check?

    Institutional checks do not need to be endorsed and should be payable to Fidelity Management Trust Company (FMTC)/FBO [account holder’s name].

    All checks deposited through the service should be endorsed "For Deposit Only to my Fidelity Account." Additionally, checks made payable to Fidelity account owner(s) should be endorsed with the payee signature(s).

  • Are there restrictions on the amount of money that can be deposited?

    You will see the maximum amount and/or amount remaining that can be deposited by account per business day. Retirement accounts will show the prior and current year contribution limits. There are no maximum limits for rollover transactions.

  • Why am I required to enroll in the email alert for a rejected Mobile Check Deposit?

    The alert ensures that you are notified if we are unable to process your deposit.

  • What should I do with the check after I complete my deposit?

    We recommend you save the check(s) until you have confirmed that the deposit has been successfully credited to your account. Deposits that have been successfully credited will appear in Account History as Check Received. Once the deposit is successfully credited to your account, you must properly safeguard the paper check to ensure that it is not presented for payment more than once.

  • When will I see my deposit posted to my account?

    Generally, deposits submitted on a business day prior to 4:00 p.m. ET and determined to be in good order will be posted that day. Check deposits are not processed on Saturdays, Sundays, or New York Stock Exchange and bank holidays.

  • When will I have access to my funds?

    Deposits are generally available for withdrawal or to purchase securities online within 4 business days. Your confirmation will indicate the availability of funds for your specific account.

  • I completed a deposit but I don’t see it in my account history. What should I do?

    Check the Pending Transfers tab on the Account History page. Deposits listed with a status of Pending are under review. A status of Rejected indicates an issue with your deposit. Please see below for additional information on rejected deposits.

  • What if my check is not accepted?

    The following issues may prevent a check from being accepted once the photo is taken:

    Problem with check Message
    Unable to read check Unable to read check. Retake photo. If you receive this message again please mail check to Fidelity.
    Missing endorsement Unable to find endorsement on back of check. Please make sure the check is endorsed and try again.
    Duplicate check This check has already been submitted for deposit. We are not able to accept it again.
    Focus of image The photo is too blurry. Please retake the photo.
    MICR line Unable to read the numbers at the bottom of the check. Please retake the photo.
    2 Front images You submitted two photos of the check front. Please retake both front and back photos.
    Amount error Deposit amount exceeds allowed user daily limit.
  • What should I do if my deposit is rejected?

    The reject reason you receive will determine the appropriate action you will need to take. In the following cases, you can mail the check to Fidelity after making the necessary corrections, if applicable. If you prefer, you can scan a new check instead of mailing the rejected check. See above for a list of acceptable checks that can be deposited through the service. Please note that you will not be able to use the service to rescan the rejected check.

    Reject reason To complete your deposit
    We cannot accept starter kit checks through Remote Check Deposit services. Mail your check to Fidelity.
    The check amount does not match the amount you entered for the deposit. Mail your check to Fidelity.
    The dollar amount of the check cannot be determined. Mail your check to Fidelity (ensure that all fields on the check are legible before mailing).
    The written and numeric amounts do not match. Mail your check to Fidelity after the field(s) on the check are corrected.
    There is no written or numeric amount written on the check. Mail your check to Fidelity after the missing field(s) are completed.
    The check is not signed. Checks must be signed by the appropriate maker. Once the check is signed, mail it to Fidelity.
    There is no payee written on the check. Checks must be made payable to Fidelity Brokerage Services or to the Fidelity account owner's name. Once the payee field is complete, mail your check to Fidelity.
    The check is post-dated (dated after the deposit date). Mail your check to Fidelity when the check date is current.
    Checks deposited into an individual account made payable to two parties require the endorsement of both individuals. Mail your check to Fidelity after all payees endorse the check.
    The payee does not match the name on the account registration. Mail your check to Fidelity for deposit to an account that matches the payee.
    We were unable to process your deposit. Mail your check to Fidelity.
    The required bank information on the bottom of your check was not captured completely. Mail your check to Fidelity, following the instructions provided. If you have questions about this reject reason, please contact a Fidelity representative.
    The check image is not acceptable for deposit. If your check is in good condition (e.g., not torn or damaged in any way), mail it to Fidelity.
    Over-contribution for the tax year specified. If you need more information about IRA contribution limits and/or previous contributions made to your Fidelity retirement accounts, contact a Fidelity representative or consult your tax advisor.

    If your check is rejected for any of the following reasons, we cannot accept it under any circumstances.

    The document you sent us is not a check and is non-negotiable.
    The check is stale-dated (generally, this means the date on the check is older than 180 days at the deposit date).
    We cannot accept checks drawn on foreign financial institutions or in foreign denominations.
    We cannot accept traveler’s checks.
    We cannot accept money orders.
    We cannot accept checks made payable to cash.
    We cannot accept checks that require an activation code.
    The legal line of the check is not written in English.
  • If I need to mail a deposit, what address should I use?

    For Rollover checks, please use this address:

      Fidelity Investments
      ATTN: Direct Rollovers
      PO Box 770001
      Cincinnati, OH 45277-0003

    All other check deposits can be mailed using one of the following addresses:

    U.S. Mail:
      Fidelity Investments
      PO Box 770001
      Cincinnati, OH 45277-0003

    Overnight/Certified Mail:
      Fidelity Investments
      100 Crosby Parkway, KC1H
      Covington, KY 41015

  • Are the check photos stored anywhere on my mobile device?

    No, the photos are not stored on your device.


Terms of Use

Learn more about the Mobile Check Deposit Terms of Use.