Fidelity® Equity-Income Strategy

This separately managed account (SMA) seeks to provide long-term growth and dividend income, with potentially less volatility than the U.S. stock market.

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Potential for long-term growth and dividend income with potentially less volatility than the U.S. stock market


In-depth research that leverages our experience, discussions with corporate leaders, and proprietary tools


Active investment process emphasizing diversification, strategic valuation, and potential for growth

Types of investments

Primarily higher-quality dividend-paying equity stocks1 within the S&P 500® Index


Investment strategy

Focuses on higher-quality dividend-paying stocks that have the potential to sustain and grow dividends over time


Minimum investment



Annual Advisory Fee


(varies based on total assets invested)

FAQs: Fidelity® Equity Income Strategy

  • How can this strategy help me meet my goals?

    This strategy is generally focused on higher‐quality dividend‐paying1 stocks that seek to deliver long‐term growth of capital and dividend income greater than the S&P 500 Index, with the potential for less volatility than the U.S. stock market.

  • Who manages my money?

    Fidelity Personal and Workplace Advisors LLC (FPWA), has engaged Strategic Advisers LLC, a registered investment adviser and a Fidelity Investments company, to provide the day-to-day discretionary portfolio management of Fidelity Equity-Income Strategy accounts, including investment selection and trade execution, subject to FPWA's oversight.

  • What kind of investments can I expect in my account?

    This strategy will generally contain higher-quality, dividend-paying, U.S.-oriented equity stocks within the S&P 500 Index.1

  • How are the investments chosen for my account?

    The investments in this strategy are selected based on their potential to provide growth while providing diversification.

  • Can I choose my own investments?

    Our investment professionals will use their experience, thorough research and due diligence to select investments for your account. You will have some of the best investment minds in the business overseeing and monitoring your investments throughout the year to help ensure you're on track to meet your goals.

  • Can I add funds to my account?

    Yes, you can add funds at any time.

  • Can I withdraw funds from my account?

    Yes, there are several ways to access your funds, including scheduled withdrawals.

  • How much do I need to open an account?

    The minimum funding amount is $100,000.2 Accounts can be funded with a check, bank wire, an exchange purchase from an existing Fidelity account, or a transfer of eligible assets from an account at another institution.

  • How much does it cost?

    Gross advisory fees range from 0.30% to 0.70% based on account balance.3

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