Investing for Income

Planning to retire soon and want to turn your investments into income? Our tools and resources can help you protect your assets and make your money last.

Calculators & tools

Use our comprehensive calculators and tools to help create an investment income plan that fits your needs in retirement.

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Fidelity Income Strategy Evaluator®

Find a right mix of income-producing investments to help meet your needs in retirement.

Guaranteed Income Estimator

Get an estimate for guaranteed income payments you can receive through a fixed income annuity (guarantees are subject to the claims-paying ability of the issuing insurance company).

Bond Ladder ToolLog In Required

Use this tool to help create a consistent income stream by investing in different bonds with staggered maturity dates.

Price-Yield Calculator

Calculate the estimated yield or price of a bond, including accrued interest, invoice price, yield-to-maturity, and yield-to-call.

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Fidelity Viewpoints®

Our Viewpoints articles provide perspective from Fidelity on the markets and economy, investing, and personal finance.

  • Tips for volatility

    When markets get choppy, it pays to have a plan, and to stick to it.
  • Seek more yield on cash

    Here are some ways to potentially boost the income from your cash.
  • Mutual fund or ETF?

    Key factors to consider before buying include your tax bracket, fees, trading flexibility, and investment style.
  • Perspective on rate changes

    Four reasons why bond investors may want to ignore short-term concerns about an interest rate change.

Fidelity Learning Center

Our Learning Center offers quick, easy-to-follow lessons on a wide range of topics to help you make smarter decisions as you develop an investment strategy.

Tax-smart investing seminar

Understand the impact of taxes on your portfolio and identify strategies to help you plan for them.
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An introduction to the fixed income market
Learn how investments like bonds and CDs can play a key role in a diversified portfolio.

Retirement income strategies
Start with a realistic view of what your retirement lifestyle will look like and the costs involved.

Build your fixed income portfolio
Get a better understanding of available fixed income strategies.

Financial planning through the lens of disciplined investing (3:08)
See how you can use disciplined investing to help you stay on track with your financial goals, even when faced with market volatility or personal situations.

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