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Saving for Retirement


Getting Ready to Retire

  • How Congress may get you to work longer

    For older workers, there are powerful incentives to retire from the workforce sooner rather than later. But five new tax and policy innovations may have you reconsidering.
  • Ready to quit working? How to pick where to live

    When it comes to something as individual as retirement, city and state rankings are a starting point at best. Here are four things to consider when choosing your next home
  • How to retire in a bear market

    Investors approaching retirement in coming years may be faced with a bear market. If you are about to retire when markets aren't cooperating, here are eight moves to help you mitigate risk.
  • Social Security: Last call for 2 popular claiming strategies

    The Social Security Administration has finally issued official guidance on the phase-out of two popular claiming strategies. If you qualify, you may need to act quickly.

Living in Retirement