Smart, focused guidance on all aspects of retirement planning and spending.

Saving for Retirement


Getting Ready to Retire

Living in Retirement

  • Protect your investments from low returns

    While no one knows for sure, the likelihood is that returns from the stock market will be lower in coming years than they have been in the past. Consider these smart strategies for retirement security.
  • Where in the world should you retire?

    Whether you're thinking of New Hampshire for the low taxes or Mexico for the climate, there is plenty of advice on the best places to retire. But you need to do more than just spin a globe.
  • More Americans waiting to claim Social Security

    Far fewer Americans are planning to claim their Social Security benefits as soon as possible. That may reflect a stronger economy, but also increased awareness of how waiting can provide a boost to retirement income.
  • Find your ideal withdrawal rate in retirement

    It can be challenging to strike a balance between withdrawing too much money from your portfolio in retirement, and withdrawing too little. The 4% rule provides a good guide, but you need to dig a little deeper.