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  • PLUS student loans can be a big minus for parents

    Student loan debt is out of control, but it's the parents we should worry about most, not the students. Many parents dig themselves into a very deep financial hole for their children.
  • Saving for retirement and college tuition all at once

    It's a dilemma that parents have struggled with for years but it's only gotten more difficult: Saving for skyrocketing college tuition for the children and longer retirements for themselves — at the same time.
  • 6 common student loan mistakes to avoid

    Managing student loan debt is crucial to long-term financial security. Here are six tips to help your college grad avoid common mistakes — and have more money to save for retirement.
  • It's not always best to pay off student loans early

    Is it smart to pay a loan off early, even though it isn't accruing much interest — or any interest at all? The answer depends on a number of factors, including how much a person has in savings, financial advisers say.

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