Personal Finance

Help with taxes, saving for college and other financial planning issues.


  • The next frontier in investing is 'quantamental' stock picking

    A growing number of fundamental money managers are beginning to incorporate computer-based methods that use algorithms to sift through reams of often arcane data in search of trading signals.
  • Making it easier to calculate the 'kiddie tax'

    The IRS has simplified the math related to tax on a child's investments and other unearned income. But it can get a bit more expensive for some kids. Here's how the new rules work.
  • Using an IRA to give to charity

    New tax laws are changing the way you can give to those in need. One method gaining traction is a qualified charitable distribution, which sends funds directly from an IRA to the organization of your choice.
  • Hitting a Roth IRA's 'sweet spot'

    Converting a traditional IRA to a Roth has many benefits, but the timing can be tricky, especially with taxes. There is a window of opportunity, however, that may help you get the best rate.


  • You should fill out the FAFSA form ASAP

    It's time to submit your Free Application for Federal Student Aid, and it's a good idea to do it soon. Many colleges award aid on a first-come, first-served basis. Plus you'll find out faster how much you'll get.
  • Maximizing financial aid for college

    Finding ways to ease the cost of sending your kids to school is a high-stakes game, so every bit of assistance counts. These strategies can help you make get the most out of financial aid.
  • A phone-friendly FAFSA is coming soon

    The federal financial aid form known as Fafsa has a reputation for being very difficult to fill out. But a new, mobile-friendly version out next month promises to make the process much easier.
  • Common financial aid mistakes to avoid

    You and your college-bound kids have to apply for financial aid every year, so it's important to keep track of everything that can trip you up. Here are four big mistakes to keep an eye on and fixes for each one.

Financial Planning

  • 10 ways to downsize in retirement

    Downsizing and moving during retirement is a massive undertaking but with the proper planning can turn out to be a productive, life enhancing adventure.
  • The price of financial advice is falling

    As the rest of Wall Street cuts all kinds of fees in a race to zero, advisers have been the exception. That is starting to change.
  • Workplace-sponsored emergency-savings plans

    A growing number of employers, benefit-plan sponsors, policy analysts and members of Congress are taking steps to create a new type of emergency-savings plan for workers that is offered through employers.
  • When to pay debt before saving

    Here are scenarios for when each choice — paying down debt or saving — makes more sense.