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  • Trump's tax plan: Smart moves to consider now

    While the details and the final shape of a tax reform plan won't be known for some time, there are some tax moves that you might want to consider, such as giving more to charity and deferring income into next year.
  • 7 steps to appeal your property taxes

    If your property tax bill has increased significantly, you may have grounds for an appeal. The following guidelines will show you the way.
  • Stocks that may benefit from Trump's tax plan

    Companies that operate mainly in the U.S. stand to gain the most from a Trump administration proposal to slash corporate tax rates. It's unclear, though, how much of that will flow to the bottom line.
  • How Trump's tax plan could affect taxpayers

    The Trump administration's tax reform plan would bring big changes that would mean tax cuts for some middle- and high-income families.


  • How scholarships affect college savings plans

    Many college students put aside thinking about their student loans until after graduation. But whether you're still in school, getting ready to start making payments later this year or already paying off your college debt, you should know these basic points about student loans.
  • Why your college financial aid is smaller than expected

    Parents across the country are taking a look at their child's financial aid award package and asking: "Is that all?" Here are three reasons why your financial aid award might be smaller than what you expected.
  • Smart ways to tackle college costs

    Getting into the college your child wants is one thing, paying for it is another. Consider taking these steps to start looking for scholarship money.
  • How scholarships affect college savings plans

    Getting a scholarship is definitely good news and it doesn't have to complicate withdrawals from a 529 plan. You still have to use the money for educational expenses, but there's a lot of flexibility.

Financial Planning

  • Where graduates can find work and an affordable home

    Many new college graduates want to move to cities like New York and San Francisco, but chances are the jobs they land won't pay the rent. Here's a look at where graduates can find both well-paying jobs and affordable housing.
  • Rushing to pay off large college loans may have drawbacks

    There's little evidence that borrowers with high student debt levels actually benefit from rushing to pay off their loans, according to a new study.
  • How mobile apps can help you save money

    In recent behavioral tests, subjects who used mobile apps were able to limit their spending. Here's how you can replicate some of the results.
  • When to toss tax records

    Now that you've got your taxes done, it's time to look at all those files that have been piling up for years. Here's a rundown of the tax records you should keep, and how long you should hold on to them.