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  • When a Roth IRA conversion makes sense

    Switching to a Roth IRA may come with a tax hit, but in some instances it can have big advantages. From retirement to military deployment, here are six situations when converting makes sense.
  • 8 surprising things to know about retirement

    You've been preparing for retirement for many years. As the big day approaches, shift your focus to the details and beware of these eight unexpected twists along the way.
  • What to do with your tax documents now

    The April deadline has passed and you're left with a pile of paperwork. Now it's time to decide which documents should hit the shredder, and which ones to file away. This guide can help.
  • Smart ways to cut your taxes in retirement

    There's a decent chance you'll be taxed on Social Security benefits, and everything that comes out of traditional IRAs faces income tax. Luckily, there are strategies to reduce taxable income.


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