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Help with taxes, saving for college and other financial planning issues.



  • Using a 529 plan to pay for private school

    New federal law allows 529 plans to go beyond saving for higher education. Some states will allow your plan to pay for your child's private elementary school tuition.
  • Finding tax breaks on college costs

    Whether you're paying for your child's education or financing your own return to school, there are a number of ways to defray the costs. These six tax breaks could help you save thousands of dollars.
  • Should you or your kids take out a student loan?

    Almost half of American families have to borrow money to cover college costs, but it can be hard to tell when it's better for students to take the loans instead of parents. Here are three things to think about.
  • How adults can afford going back to college

    Call it a career shift or a second act -- many older adults are heading back to school, and the price tag is a lot higher than the first go round. Here's what to expect and what you can do to help manage costs.

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