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  • 21 ways to invest for a possible bubble

    Stocks’ lofty valuations have many investors asking: Are we in a bubble, and is it about to pop? Here are a number of strategies that could help you manage the current market.
  • This slice of the muni market is growing

    Tax-exempt municipal bonds have long been attractive to many investors, but what about their taxable counterparts? They may have their merits as well. Here’s why.
  • Building a bond ladder with ETFs

    With rates so low, fixed-income investors have to get more creative. Exchange-traded funds can give a new twist to the old-school technique of bond laddering.
  • Why bonds may deliver next year

    The Fed has a message for the markets: Expect more of the same. That was good for bonds in 2020, and it may bode well for more positive returns in the coming year.

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