Investing Ideas

The latest on stocks, bonds and funds, plus strategies to help manage your portfolio.

Mutual Funds & ETFs

  • Bonds ETFs may have passed a big test

    A big fear for ETFs in this current downturn is that they they'd be harder to trade, but it looks like bond funds have been able to rely on their own liquidity.
  • Consider these monthly dividend ETFs

    With interest rates near zero, it's getting harder for investors to find reliable and frequent sources of income. These three ETFs may deliver on both counts.
  • 9 value ETFs for a defensive portfolio

    If you're concerned about volatility, turning to value investments may be a smarter choice. These nine ETFs could help add stability to your mix.
  • 3 funds to help you save on taxes

    Tax day is still on the horizon, which is a good reminder to look for investments that can help lower your bill. Consider these three funds known for their tax efficiency.



  • If you're thinking of going all-in on bonds

    Your 401(k) has been hit hard, and you may be wondering if you should shift from stocks to safer bonds. Rebalancing might be wise, but don't go all the way. Here's why.
  • The hunt for income in a low-yield world

    The collapse in yields means you'll probably have to pay a lot more for income-generating investments. But there are still a few pockets of value out there. Here's where to look.
  • The long-term migration into bonds

    Despite historically low interest rates, the bull market for fixed income has been going strong for nearly four decades, and investor appetite does not appear to be waning.
  • 20 ETFs for budget-minded investors

    ETFs can be a great way to diversify your portfolio with just a few names. These 20 funds also come with lower expense ratios, so your returns won't get eaten up by fees.

Investing Strategies

  • What company insiders may be buying

    Amid the current market meltdown, Catalyst Funds' David Miller sees company insiders buying shares of life insurance companies including CNO Financial.
  • 7 stocks for a near-zero rate environment

    Deep interest rate cuts could help many companies, but some more than others. These seven names could benefit now that the Fed has sent borrowing costs to a low.
  • Precious metals: A haven in turbulent times

    Some investors turn to precious metals to anchor their portfolios in a volatile market. Given Wall Street’s recent swings, it might be time to learn more about this alternative asset class.
  • Investing your way through a panic

    This isn't the first market panic we've seen. Nor will it be the last. While we can't control whether or not they happen, we can pull the reins on how we react.