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Mutual Funds & ETFs

  • An unexpected boost for emerging markets

    Emerging-market stocks have returned almost nothing over the last five years but could be less risky now than before. Emerging markets seem to be moving out of their bear market cycle and remain cheap compared to U.S. stocks.
  • Expert picks: 11 funds to watch this year

    While no one knows what will happen this year, several investing experts see trends that may benefit certain sectors and the ETFs that follow them.
  • Stock picks from a leading fund manager

    This fund's focused equity strategy relies on just 30 to 35 holdings, and seeks to find stocks trading below their estimate of enterprise value. These four stocks fit the strategy amid today's generally high valuations.
  • Why small-cap growth stocks may shine this year

    The big growth opportunities taking shape in small-cap stocks last year may look even brighter as the year unfolds.


  • Smart stocks every retiree should own

    The core of your retirement portfolio should include stocks from stable companies that pay healthy dividends. This diversified lineup of ten stocks fit the bill.
  • The post-election rally hits a speed bump

    Stocks once regarded as out of favor with the incoming president outperformed following his news conference, confirmation of a move under way in the market for more than a month.
  • Great all-weather stocks to consider

    Some investors prefer defensive stocks that can weather downturns but those look expensive now, and they're often slow-growing. Consider a mix: stocks for defense and others with growth prospects.
  • 5 overlooked small banks with growth potential

    Big banks have rallied since the election but they're not the only ones doing well. Regional banks are moving higher and we may see more action ahead.


Investing Strategies