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Mutual Funds & ETFs

  • Overlooked midcaps may look attractive

    Among many investors, big and small stocks get all the attention with little consideration paid to the middle. But if you're wanting more value and less risk, these three mid-cap funds may be worth a look.
  • 11 income-focused sectors for 2019

    With volatility on the rise, steady income from yield-bearing investments may be an option worth exploring. Here are 11 different ways to generate income and their potential prospects for this year.
  • Countdown to retirement: 1 year away

    You're now one year from retirement. Here's a list of the first things you should do.
  • A very disciplined approach to choosing stocks

    For one stock picker, the funds he manages must follow strict investment parameters, even when he's bearish. That strategy comes with a record that may deserve notice. Here are some names he likes.


  • Time to focus on protecting your portfolio

    For investors who want to add some defensive stocks to their portfolios, here are seven options to consider.
  • 4 questions to ask this earnings season

    After a dismal year for stocks, investors want to know how corporate America really is doing as companies report fourth-quarter results. Here are some of the key issues they may be looking out for.
  • Why the signs may not point toward recession

    The recent drop in stocks, as well as indications of a slowing economy, are sparking fears of a looming recession. But a close look at some potential triggers shows those worries may be unfounded.
  • Gauging the 'January effect' on the markets

    The first month of the year is traditionally a favorable one for stocks on Wall Street. With a number of additional positive factors backing it up, the 'January effect' could be even stronger in 2019.


  • A performance check on rate-hedged bond ETFs

    One option for retirees who want to hedge their interest rate exposure is to add specialized bond ETFs to their portfolios. As rates have risen, they look like they may be doing their job.
  • Bond strategies to help ease volatility

    For strong returns, investors have long favored stocks over bonds. But volatility is back, and your portfolio might benefit from a little diversity. Here are five ways you may add bonds to your mix.
  • Bonds expected to hold steady next year

    Bonds are doing what they're supposed to: paying interest in full and on time, and there's no reason to quit the market in 2019.
  • The Fed’s new short-term strategy

    Federal Reserve officials are entering a new phase of policy making, basing their decisions on more immediate signs of economic activity, which could make the direction of interest rates harder to predict.

Investing Strategies