Share statements and trade confirmations

When it comes to managing your account, you may have the need to share certain account activity with others. That’s why Fidelity offers you a secure and user-friendly way to easily share documents such as statements and trade confirmations online with a third party (known as an “interested party”).

Why would I share statements and trade confirmations?

Sharing duplicate statements or trade confirmations online with an interested party not associated with your account is a simple way of ensuring this person has a consistent snapshot of your account activity without granting additional access to your account.

You can easily add non-account owners online, such as your accountant, a financial advisor, or a trusted family member.

Add an interested party

Follow these steps to authorize Fidelity to begin sending digital copies of your account statements and trade confirmations to an interested party:

1. You’ll begin by providing the interested party’s contact information.

If you have existing interested parties on your account, navigate to the Share Documents page and select the option to add an interested party.

This ensures your interested party receives an email to register to receive your account documents digitally.

If you have more than one interested party on one or more of your accounts, you’ll need to go through the process to add each interested party on the Share Documents page.

For the interested party you want to add, provide the full name, mobile phone number, email address, and mailing address of the person you would like to add as an interested party.

  • Please pay close attention to the information being added. Once submitted, you’re unable to update this information if there are any errors or typos.
  • We’re unable to accommodate sharing documents to an entity. You’ll need to identify and enroll an individual at the entity organization who will access your shared documents.
  • You must provide a U.S. phone number and address for the interested party to enroll in accessing shared documents.
  • Do not use this form to establish shared documents with your employer if you are compliance affiliated. Notify your employer of your existing accounts and they’ll initiate the request for shared documents.

2. Select one or more accounts you would like to share documents from.

3. Select if you would like the interested party to receive statements, trade confirmations, or both.

4. Carefully review the information and submit your request.

Remove access to shared documents

Follow these steps to remove an interested party’s access to shared documents:

  1. On the Share Documents page, select the option to remove access to shared documents.
  2. Under “Choose from existing relationships,” select the interested party who will no longer receive new shared documents.
  3. Select the accounts that the interested party will no longer receive new shared documents from.
  4. Carefully review the information and submit your request.
  5. The interested party is removed in 1–2 days and will no longer receive new shared documents online. Note that the interested party will continue to have access to documents previously shared with them.

Duplicate statements for annuities

Follow these steps to request duplicate statements for annuities:

  1. Access and download the Duplicate Statement Request for Annuities form.
  2. Complete the required fields and sign-and-date the form.
  3. Drop off the form at a Fidelity branch office or send it to the address on the bottom of the form.

What to expect

  • If the interested party is identified as an existing Fidelity client, they’ll be established using their existing customer identification and will be able to access shared documents using their Fidelity username and password.
  • If the interested party was previously receiving paper duplicate statements, that person must be set up as an interested party online to continue receiving digital duplicate statements or trade confirmations.
  • If the interested party is not a Fidelity client, they'll receive an email that prompts them to verify the contact information provided.
  • The interested party's contact information must be an exact match to proceed. They’ll then create a username and password, which will enable them to access the shared documents online. Please ensure the interested party receives the registration email and completes the registration process to receive access to shared documents.
  • Once registered, the interested party will begin receiving emails when a shared document is available to view.
  • Please allow 1-2 business days to process your request to add or remove an interested party.
  • Shared documents are sent to your interested party beginning with your next statement or trade confirmation.
  • Statements are available to your interested party at the same time they are made available to you.
  • Trade confirmations are sent the business day following the execution of any buy or sell order.
  • Historical account documents from prior to your interested party enrollment are not available to your interested party.