How to Combine Household Statements and Mailings

Multiple Fidelity accounts for different people living at the same address can mean lots of mail. Fortunately, you can combine all eligible accounts in a household onto one consolidated statement to cut down the amount of mail or email communications you receive from us.

What are the benefits of combining statements?

You can receive one consolidated statement sent in one envelope for all eligible accounts in a single household to reduce the amount of mail you receive from us. Additionally, we will only send one copy of publications and marketing materials to cut down on potential duplicates. For eDelivery, we combine statements into one email, sent to the primary account holder. And although each account's trading activity will generate a separate confirmation statement, if multiple trades are placed on the same day, we'll send the confirmations in one envelope. Household members receiving a combined statement do not need to be related as long as they're living at the same address.

What do I need to know?

  • All of the accounts you want to household must be owned by people living at the same address.
  • You do not need to be the primary account owner; however, the combined statement will be mailed or eDelivered to the primary account holder.
  • A single, combined statement addressed to the owner(s) of the primary account will replace all individual account statements. You will no longer receive an individual statement.
  • You will need the Social Security or tax identification number for each member of the household, or you can use the specific account numbers for the accounts you'd like to include. Each member of the household or additional account owners will need to sign the request.

If each member of the household wants his or her eligible accounts included, select ALL Eligible Accounts Associated with the Following Numbers, and provide his or her Social Security number. If a household member prefers to have some of his or her accounts excluded (for privacy), select Only These Accounts, and provide the specific account number(s) to be included in the combined statement.

What to expect

  • After we have received your request, your change is effective within 3 business days.
  • You'll receive your consolidated statement on your next scheduled statement delivery date. Other mailings will be consolidated as they become available (such as prospectuses, shareholder reports, and marketing materials).
  • Your household will receive a single envelope containing trade confirmations for brokerage and mutual fund trades made on the same day that contain separate trade confirmations for each account.

Note: If any one account owner changes the address on an account associated with the household, all accounts included in the household will be updated with the new address.