Checkwriting and Checks

Here's your guide to our most popular check topics.

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Add CheckwritingLog In Required

  • Choose an eligible account, and select Add
  • You'll need the signatures of all of the owners and a printer
  • Print, sign, scan, and attach the form, or
  • Print, sign, and mail to the regular or overnight address on the form

You'll receive your checks within 10 business days.

Deposit a Check

You can deposit a check in your Fidelity account by:

  • Downloading and using our mobile app, or
  • Mailing your check, or
  • Dropping it off at your local branch
  • We'll send you a confirmation when your check is credited
  • Generally, the money from your check deposit is available to use within 4 business days

View Paid ChecksLog In Required

  • On your Activities and Orders tab, view your History
  • Under Show, select Checks, and choose the check you want to view

You can view check images online for the last 18 months.

Reorder ChecksLog In Required

  • Choose an eligible account and select Reorder
  • We'll mail your checkbooks to the address on your account

Your checks will arrive within 10 business days.

Order Deposit SlipsLog In Required

  • Choose an eligible account and select Order
  • We'll mail a packet of preprinted deposit slips to the address on your account
  • Your deposit slips will arrive within 10 business days
  • Preprinted deposit slips are not available on all accounts; if you don't see your account and/or you're in a hurry, use the generic Deposit Slip (PDF) form

Request a CheckLog In Required

Before requesting a check, please review your available balances to make sure you have the amount you need.

  • Choose the account to Transfer From
  • Under Transfer To, select Mail a Check, and enter the dollar amount

You'll see the confirmation of your request online and we'll mail you a follow-up confirmation

You'll receive your check within 3 to 5 business days.

Stop Payment on a Check

Please call us at 800-343-3548 to request a stop payment on the outstanding (i.e., uncashed) check.

  • To stop a check you've written from your Fidelity account, have the check number, amount, date, and payee information ready
  • To stop a withdrawal check you requested to be mailed to you, you'll need the account information and the date you requested the check

We can attempt to stop payments only on checks that are uncashed.

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