One-time credit card payments

One-time payments allow you to make either regular monthly payments on demand or extra payments in addition to your regular monthly payment. You can choose the account you'd like to pay from, the date you'd like the payment to be processed, and the specific amount for each payment, such as a minimum payment, full balance, or other custom amount.

Please note, payments made on weekends, holidays, or after 7 p.m. CT will be processed on the next business day.

Accessing one-time payment capability online

There are a few different ways to make a one-time payment of your credit card bill. The fastest and easiest way is to select the Make a payment button at the top of this page. From the Payments tab on the Cardmember servicing site, select that Make a payment button.

You can also navigate to this online, one-time payment feature on by going to the Manage cash & cards page and selecting the Make a one-time payment link in the Payments & statements tab.

Making an online payment

If this is your first time using this online payment capability, you'll need to establish an account from which to make your payment. Details on how to add an account can be found in the next section.

After you've established a payment account, follow the instructions to schedule your one-time payment. You'll be able to select the account your payment will come from (if you have more than one established), as well as the posting date and amount of the payment. Options for payment amounts are the next minimum payment, the remaining statement balance, the current balance, or another custom amount.

Adding a payment account

When scheduling a payment for the first time, you'll need to add an account from which to make that payment. You can add or delete other accounts at any time.

To add an account either use the Make a payment button at the top of this page or you can go to the Manage cash & cards page on and select the Make a one-time payment link in the Payments & statements tab. Next, select the Make a payment button. If you already have a payment account established, you'll be brought to the first step of setting up a payment. Click the Add or Delete Payment Accounts link to continue the process of adding a new account. If you haven't yet established a payment account, you'll be brought to a page to start this process.

Start by reading the instructions, then select Next. You'll then be guided through the following steps:

  1. Choose the account type from which to make a payment. The options are:

    Fidelity Investments



  2. Complete the following required fields:

    Routing Number (prefilled for Fidelity accounts)

    Routing Number Confirmation (prefilled for Fidelity accounts)

    Account Number

    Account Number Confirmation

  3. You can then review and submit your payment instructions.
  4. Click Add Payment Account to add additional from accounts or Payments to continue with a payment submission.

Timing/Due date

To ensure your payments are processed by your payment due date, you may schedule a payment for as late as the due date as long as it's submitted before 7 p.m. CT. This holds true even when the due date falls on a weekend or holiday.

Other payment options

There are other ways to make a one-time payment on your credit card bill. You can make a payment from another bank's bill payment application or:

Use Fidelity's Bill PayLog In Required to schedule your payments

Call Cardmember Services at 1-888-551-5144 to make a payment over the phone

You can mail a payment coupon with check to: Cardmember Service P.O. Box 790408 St. Louis, MO 63179-0408

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