Fidelity Estate Planner®

Our free online service for Fidelity customers guides you through the estate planning process. We can help you get informed, organized, and connected to an attorney so you can secure your wishes: now, and for tomorrow.

Help protect what matters most

An estate plan is a set of decisions and legal documents that protect what matters most: your family, yourself, and your finances.

Some aspects of estate planning can seem complex, but Fidelity Estate Planner® helps simplify the process. We can help you organize your information so that together with an attorney, you can develop a plan that’s coordinated across your accounts and still flexible to evolve with you and your life.

What you get

  • Informed—Clear information on estate planning topics, including decisions you need to make and documents you need to bring to an estate attorney
  • Organized—Help gathering information and paperwork for your plan, all collected in a comprehensive Estate Planning Summary to bring to an attorney and update as needed
  • Connected—Tips and resources for finding and working with an estate attorney to create and finalize your estate plan
  • Next Steps—Guidance for making adjustments to your financial account registrations or beneficiaries

Watch an overview of Fidelity Estate Planner (2:28)