A wide variety of Attainable investments

Help your money work harder with a range of portfolios to choose from.


Find the right balance

Some people prefer to use their Attainable® Savings Plan account as an investment vehicle. Others use it to manage their monthly and day-to-day living expenses. As you get ready to open your Attainable account, decide which investment strategy will work best for you.

Different levels of risk

Attainable portfolios offer varying degrees of risk. Choose the level you're comfortable with, from conservative to aggressive growth.

If you need your funds quickly or want to help minimize risk, you may want to consider ABLE portfolios with a lower degree of equity exposure.

If you are investing for a longer time and are comfortable with higher risk but the potential for greater returns, consider portfolios with a higher degree of equity exposure.

Multiple options

There's a strategy for every investor. Choose to invest in a single portfolio or multiple portfolios to gain exposure to different investment strategies.

Asset allocation for Attainable portfolios

Attainable portfolios that are more conservative (and tend to have lower risk) are at the top of the chart, and more aggressive portfolios that have greater risk but the potential for higher returns are toward the bottom of the chart.

Portfolio Asset allocation - Stocks Asset allocation - Bonds Asset allocation - Short-term
ABLE Money Market Portfolio 0% Stocks 0% Bonds 100% Short-term
ABLE Conservative Income 20% Portfolio 20% Stocks 50% Bonds 30% Short-term
ABLE Income 30% Portfolio 30% Stocks 50% Bonds 20% Short-term
ABLE Moderate Income 40% Portfolio 40% Stocks 45% Bonds 15% Short-term
ABLE Balanced 50% Portfolio 50% Stocks 40% Bonds 10% Short-term
ABLE Moderate Growth 60% Portfolio 60% Stocks 35% Bonds 5% Short-term
ABLE Growth 70% Portfolio 70% Stocks 25% Bonds 5% Short-term
ABLE Aggressive Growth 85% Portfolio 85% Stocks 15% Bonds 0% Short-term
ABLE Multi-Asset Index Portfolio 85% Stocks 15% Bonds 0% Short-term

Source: Fidelity 2023

Units of the Portfolios are municipal fund securities and are subject to market fluctuation and volatility. You may have a gain or loss when you sell your Units.

Portfolio fee details

No annual account maintenance fee.

Investment portfolio fees

Investment fees vary based on your investment portfolio. Fees range from 0.20% of assets to 0.86% of assets.

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