Benefits of Asset Allocation

Perhaps no single investment principle has more impact on portfolio performance than allocation among different asset classes. While asset allocation does not ensure a profit or guarantee against a loss, academic research has shown that asset allocation is responsible for more than 90% of a portfolio’s positive performance over time.1

Fidelity's Strategic Advisers, Inc. will allocate the money in your account across various asset and sub-asset classes with the goal of taking advantage of upside market action, while managing downside risk. We also may introduce alternatives and extended asset classes as we seek to respond to changing market conditions while keeping your account in line with your investor profile.

Ongoing monitoring and rebalancing

After your assets are invested, your investment team makes investment decisions that can be critical to the long-term investment performance of your account. Your assets will be shifted—or reallocated among the various asset, sub-asset, and extended asset classes—as we strive to help position you so that your investment strategy remains in line with your financial goals.

Your asset allocation

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