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American energy independence is closer to reality

Not long ago, the idea of the U.S. achieving energy independence seemed far-fetched, but the recent oil boom has put a serious dent in the country's reliance on foreign oil.

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U.S. stock market could continue to head higher — even though the gains may be modest — for the foreseeable future.

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As college-bound students prepare for a new school year, they should be aware of a new date that's important for future financial aid — Oct. 1.

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What earnings 'multiple contraction' means for investors

If the economy starts to slow further, investors likely will start talking about "multiple contraction." It is important to anyone invested in stocks. Here's why.

Lopsided housing rebound leads to rising rental population

While the U.S. housing recovery has been stronger than expected, it has left behind millions of middle-class Americans.