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Video: Snap shares drop after downgrade

Snap shares tumbled after Morgan Stanley, the lead underwriter on the company's initial public offering, downgraded the stock.

A smarter way to save for college

With rising college costs putting a higher education out of reach even for higher income families, it's not only how much you save that's important, but also how you save.

The impact of reversing a Roth IRA conversion

When you undo a Roth conversion, you should be aware that your minimum required distributions are based on the value of your IRAs at year end. Here's what you should know.

Should you follow an investing genius?

Investors may be tempted to imitate the strategies of top investors, but even the best paint-by-number portfolio is unlikely to work all the time.

The case for buying inflation protection now

Even though inflation expectations remain low, investors should consider a contrarian move into recently battered TIPs, which may benefit from higher inflation or falling Treasury yields.

Video: Will electric cars spell doom for big oil?

With electric car sales now booming, how is the oil industry prepping for life after gas guzzlers? Energy watchers discuss oil's future at the 22nd World Petroleum Congress in Istanbul.