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Optimistic on economy, cautious on spending

Americans say they feel more optimistic about the economy, but when it comes to spending they're still cautious and that poses a problem for the economy going forward.

Where one fund manager sees opportunities

A focus on environmental, social and governance issues helps this top-performing fund to identify risks that others might have missed and to take advantage of opportunities when they rise.

How Trump's tax plan could affect taxpayers

The Trump administration's tax reform plan would bring big changes that would mean tax cuts for some middle- and high-income families.

The questions bond investors should ask

The Federal Reserve will be raising rates and there are several questions savers and bond investors would probably like answered. Here are six questions they should be asking.

One way to spend down your 401(k)

Recent studies show that people draw down their balances in retirement much more slowly than expected.

Why mortgage rates have been headed lower

After the Federal Reserve raised its key interest rate last month, many people expected mortgage rates to start creeping up. But they've been in decline ever since. Here's why.