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10 stocks stand to benefit from Trump's tax cuts

U.S. companies that get hit with high federal tax bills could stand to benefit from lower rates proposed by president-elect Donald Trump, and bank stocks could benefit from an easing of regulations.

3 steps to help your money last a lifetime

It's impossible to predict exactly how much money you can safely withdraw each year in retirement, but by analyzing these three factors you can help ensure your money will last.

Look beyond yield alone for dividend stocks

When it comes to dividend stocks, income investors should look beyond yield to find companies with stable dividends, the cash flow to cover them and the potential to increase payouts.

Low interest rates hammer pensions around the world

Central bankers slashed interest rates to near zero to try to revive their economies. In the process, they put in jeopardy the pensions of more than 100 million workers and retirees around the world.

TIPS look attractive with inflation likely to rise – Gundlach

Bond yields could hit 6% in five years, DoubleLine's Jeffrey Gundlach says, as stimulus policies favored by President-elect Trump may boost growth and inflation.

Using ETFs to hedge currency risks

Risks of foreign-exchange exposure can be reduced in several ways. Here are a few ETF choices that provide fund investors some protection against currency risk.