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Colleges cut tuition, but you may not pay less

Many private schools are announcing big tuition cuts. It may seem like college is getting cheaper, but a closer look at the new rates may show a different picture.

An outlook for zero percent interest rates

Interest rates are already low, and thanks to global issues, one market strategist sees them going all the way down to zero. Here's where he's putting his money.

Test your knowledge of a Bear Market

As an investor, you should know when the stock market is taking a downward turn. See if you can identify the factors that lead to an official bear market with our eight-question quiz.

How to time your Social Security claims

For most retirees, Social Security is an indispensable part of their retirement. Knowing exactly when to claim your benefits can maximize your total payout.

How a recession could come next year

Chances are good that the U.S. economy isn’t contracting right now, but risks keep growing, and these clues could point toward a downturn coming our way in 2020.

Questions to ask a bank about your data

Unfortunately, data breaches are a fact of life now, so you need to educate yourself. Ask your bank these five questions before handing over your personal information.