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Fed Chair: Economy almost 'too good to be true'

In a recent speech, Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell offered a rosy outlook for the U.S., saying the economy looks like it's in a 'remarkably positive' period that has no historical precedent.

Consumer stocks may not need Netflix to rise

Netflix recently moved to the S&P 500's new communications sector, but some market watchers believe the consumer-discretionary stocks the it left behind can do fine without it.

Here's how to delete your Google+ account

Google is shuttering its social network after reporting that a security flaw may have affected up to 500,000 users. The shutdown won't happen for months, so here's how to delete your account now.

New retirement plan option may be on horizon

Multiple employer plans would allow unaffiliated small businesses to join together to offer 401(k)s, since a joint effort could reduce some of the cost and complexity involved

Hitting a Roth IRA's 'sweet spot'

Converting a traditional IRA to a Roth has many benefits, but the timing can be tricky, especially with taxes. There is a window of opportunity, however, that may help you get the best rate.

Rethinking the 2% inflation target

It's been inflation minders' benchmark for decades now, but many economists are wondering if 2% is still the magic number, while a number of them believe it could stand to rise even higher.