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Stocks for investing in the cloud

Cloud computing is still one of technology’s hottest growth areas, but not every is company is worthy of the buzz. These stocks may be worth a close look as the industry enters its next phase.

10 stocks to consider in the new year

Even after a disappointing end to 2018, U.S. stocks could be worth another look in the coming year. Here are some names to consider, most trading for 10 times forward earnings or less.

This year’s buybacks could beat 2018’s record

2018 was a banner year for share repurchases, with corporate America setting levels not seen before. If a number of market headwinds subside, companies could set a new high in 2019.

The power of peers on your investing choices

New data shows that your risk tolerance may be influenced by where you live and who you socialize with. While no investor is an island, it may be a good idea to go your own way.

Valuations are at lowest level in half a decade

Expected moderation from earnings growth was unable to offset much stronger downward momentum in global equity markets this year, making stocks look their cheapest since 2012.

5 retirement issues couples need to discuss

A lot of things go unsaid among couples, but here’s one thing that shouldn’t: retirement age. Here are five things financial advisers suggest they should consider first.