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An unexpected boost for emerging markets

Emerging markets seem to be moving out of their bear market cycle and remain cheap compared to U.S. stocks.

Trying to solve the retirement savings problem

In the decade since lawmakers last overhauled the retirement-savings system, assets in 401(k) plans have surged, but savings and participation rates remain inadequate. Some proposals to fix that are gaining ground.

Equity bulls may be ignoring expensive valuations

After seven years of stock market gains, the U.S. election gave investors another reason to buy. Behind the bull market and post-election rally, however, most U.S.-listed companies have not been thriving.

Why small-cap growth stocks may shine this year

The big growth opportunities taking shape in small-cap stocks last year may look even brighter as the year unfolds.

Retired and still paying back student loans

More people over 65 are dealing with student loan debt than ever before, according to a new government report. Some who have had their wages garnished for years now face reduced Social Security payments.

Great expectations may temper IPO revival

Investors are looking to Snap Inc. to bring the IPO market out of its doldrums, but high valuations for other so-called unicorns could make the chances for a revival disappear as fast as a Snapchat message.