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When low-volatility ETFs do their job

They may not offer the highest returns, but when markets head south, low-volatility ETFs are known for smaller losses, and that can give your portfolio a little peace of mind during more turbulent times.

Short-term treasuries just got more attractive

The yield on short-term Treasury bills has topped U.S. inflation, which means that bond investors can now get a real, inflation-adjusted return on their cash for the first time since the Financial Crisis.

Long-term value strategies for midcap investors

There's no question that growth stocks have far outpaced their value peers over the last decade. But for a select number of value midcaps, investor patience may be rewarded over the long haul.

A smart way to pay off credit-card debt

Repayment-by-purchase is a tool that offers individuals a way to make progress toward reducing their debt instead of being paralyzed by the mass of what they owe. Here's how.

Managing today's market turmoil

Interest rates are rising, the global economy is in flux and trade battles are brewing. There's a lot of uncertainty for investors right now, and here's where it could be headed and what you might do.

These sectors could benefit from rising rates

One of the factors impacting stocks has been rising interest rates. Some sectors could see gains from the new environment, while others could get hurt. Here are the potential winners and losers.