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Thanks to a longer life expectancy, the average woman is facing bigger retirement expenses — and she'll have to cover them with a substantially smaller nest egg.

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Investors seeking true diversification will want to invest in non-U.S. markets, but those who get queasy can diversify through the shares of multinational U.S.-listed companies.

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Borrowing for college is common across the globe. What's exceptional about the United States is that so many borrowers are behind on their loans.

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From post-Brexit investing to a possible Trump presidency, star manager Jeffrey Gundlach discusses what's next for investors and where he sees opportunity now. Hint: It's not the S&P 500.

5 energy stocks that may outperform this summer

After an awful start to the year, energy stocks have been quietly staging a turnaround in 2016 — and a handful of them look primed for breakout moves this summer.

Corporate-debt yields: Investors beware

Post-Brexit uncertainty is driving government-bond yields into negative territory across the globe, making debt that offers positive yields look like a good buy. Investors should be wary.