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5 last-minute tax strategies

If you haven't already done your taxes, April 15 is not that far away. Fortunately there are still a few steps you can take to help lower you bill for 2019, and maybe even 2020.

The value of college today

Sky-high costs are raising a lot of questions about the worth of a college degree. One expert on the economics of higher education weighs in on its true value.

Looking for a U-shaped recovery

The coronavirus epidemic will end, but the recovery probably won’t be quick. Instead we may be looking at a prolonged bottom before things pick up again.

Looking for safe corners of the market

The coronavirus impact has been hard on stocks, but a few sectors have shown resilience. Here's a closer look at where they could go if things get worse.

How to fight market panic

When fear grabs hold, markets are driven more by perception than reality. The most important thing to do right now may be to sit tight before making any decisions.

Time to shop for a new financial adviser

The great financial adviser you hired a decade ago may not be a great fit today. You might consider looking for a new one every few years to see if you need a change.