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How to know if someone has stolen your info to commit identity fraud

I.D. theft has become a sad fact of life, and most of us can expect it in some form or other. Here’s how to spot the signs and what you can do if you’re a victim.

Video: Where equities could go after current fears fade

Once investors get past concerns about the economy and interest rates, Peter Oppenheimer of Goldman Sachs says most equity markets will rise modestly.

Surviving the strains that retirement can put on a marriage

The sudden shock of sharing space can be hard to negotiate for many couples who have just retired. Here’s how one senior coped and found joy in her relationship.

These are the states where your nest egg won’t get taxed

Local taxes on your retirement income can make all the difference in where you choose to settle down. In these dozen states, you may be able to live tax-free.

It may not be the end of globalization, but there will be important changes

After Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, some economists believe the international flow of trade, money, people and ideas will dry up. Instead, it may get reshaped.

Video: The main force that may be driving equities now

Even with the war in Ukraine and higher interest rates, State Street’s Marija Veitmane says reliable and strong corporate earnings are creating a bullish scenario for stocks.