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7 books every informed investor should read

There's still a lot of summer left with time to catch up on your reading. Consider this authoritative list of seven books that can help make the financial markets clearer and make you a better investor.

Using an IRA to get income for life

If you're looking for a tax-friendly way to buy an annuity, you can invest up to $130,000 within a traditional IRA. You won't be charged for the move, but you can't avoid taxes forever.

States with the highest retirement savings

New York is not ranked first for highest average retirement savings. Neither are many of the other states usually known for wealthy residents and financial smarts.

Adjusting your portfolio for inflation

Many market watchers believe inflation pressures are likely to grow. While you may not need to make big changes immediately, you may want to start easing into the new environment.

Money-smart kids could save your retirement

Talking about money with your children can be a touchy subject. But preparing kids for life on their own can teach them valuable lessons and help ensure that your nest egg lasts through retirement.

2 forces driving small-cap stocks

Small caps have been this year's market darlings, powering ahead of bigger stocks on the S&P 500. Here are two of the trends that may be moving them, as well as three picks to think about.