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5 types of retirement savers

From ‘cautious planners’ to ‘uncertain strugglers,’ a new research paper says there are five kinds of people who save for retirement. Which one are you?

How ‘debt parking’ can hurt your credit

Sometimes unscrupulous collection agencies will place invalid or fake debts on your credit report. Regulators are fighting them. Here's how to protect yourself as well.

Claiming Social Security after a divorce

From their very start, Social Security rules have said that ex-spouses have the right to claim retirement benefits. If you are divorced, here's how you may be eligible.

What the data may say about market trends

Almost no one could have predicted the record equity rally of 2020. But a close look at the charts showing last year’s movements could provide clues to the direction of 2021.

Caring for aging parents and yourself

The responsibilities of caregiving can put a lot of stress on both your finances and emotions. These strategies can give you and your elderly parents the means to cope.

How much Medicare could cost you now

For 2021, you can expect a number of adjustments to Medicare that could affect your out-of-pocket costs. Here's what you need to know about the changes in store.