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What's next for oil and energy stocks

After a downturn in 2015, the energy sector has outperformed this year. But the sector overall is battling structural problems that cannot be easily fixed.

How to earn money with CD laddering

CD laddering may seem like a financial move from a bygone era, but it can still be a smart move for savers. Just because rates are low doesn't mean you should trash your CD ladder.

The new retirement: 70% want to work as long as they can

The American ideal of retirement is changing. Seven out of ten people say they want to work as long as possible, and far fewer people are seeking to retire in their 50s, a recent survey shows.

Small caps with favorable returns on equity

These mutual fund managers look for growth stocks with insider ownership and high returns on equity. Here are four that fit the bill.

Is it a business or a hobby? Here's how the IRS sees it

Even for tax scholars, it can often prove highly taxing to figure out the difference between a legitimate business that is devoted to making a profit and a venture that isn't.

How losses affect your risk tolerance

After a big financial loss, are we more or less willing to take a big risk? For years, two seemingly contradictory theories abounded, but new analysis suggests the right answer is: It depends.