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Growth investors praise tech-related REITs

It may be too soon for investors to rely on the recovery of retail REITs, but it's not too late to pay attention to tech-related REITs.

Slowing job growth may not deter rate hikes

Job growth may be slowing but that won't be enough to deter the Federal Reserve from carrying on with its planned rate hikes.

Fund managers differ on bond strategies

Interest rates are expected to rise, but some high-profile mutual fund managers differ on how they're approaching the bond market.

Self-employed can still contribute to IRAs

If you're self-employed, contributing to an IRA won't affect your SEP or solo 401(k) limits. Learn more about retirement plans for self-employed.

Country-specific funds beat benchmarks

China, Japan, India, and Korea specialists are outpacing their benchmarks, but they aren't for investors who can't handle volatility and risk.

Questions you should ask before retiring

If you're planning to retire in five years or ten, answering these four questions can help you decide if that time frame will work for you.