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Why an earnings recession may be positive for stocks

Historically, U.S. stocks performed better when earnings have been weaker than when they were growing the fastest.

The upside of aging: Tax breaks and discounts

Many discounts, tax breaks and other perks for seniors start earlier than you think. Here are nine perks of getting older that can help you save money.

Oil woes lead to tax complications for MLP investors

Investors learned the hard way that energy MLPs could have unexpected tax consequences. Now, efforts to escape those impacts could have tax consequences of their own.

This may be the year inflation speculation pays off

Ultra-low interest rates and vast purchases of bonds have failed to deliver the main ingredients for inflation — a robust economic recovery matched by consistently rising wages.

A brighter job market for graduates this spring

After a string of dismal to lackluster years, the job outlook brightened considerably for 2015 college graduates.

American manufacturing mounts a high-tech rebound

American manufacturing is no longer the powerhouse it once was, but there are strong signs that the sector is making a comeback.