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Why one strategist thinks oil could rise 35%

As oversupply subsides — and demand from India rises — RBC strategist Helima Croft believes prices could top $60 per barrel in the coming year.

Get the most from your financial aid application

Filing time has arrived for the next academic year. Before filling out the FAFSA form, learn what actions you can take to maximize the amount of aid your college student is granted.

Infrastructure may be the winner in the election

While the stock market is divided over who will win the presidential election next month, a rare area of agreement between the two candidates means the nation's infrastructure could see massive investment.

Finding stock bargains in a pricey market

The market's long bull run has made it tough for value investors to find underpriced stocks. Even in this environment, however, there are still good companies to buy on the dips.

A roadmap for your digital assets

When it came to estate planning, you parents only had to consider the real world not the virtual one. Now, you need to make sure that your digital assets are taken care of too.

BDCs may be attractive for investors who can stand the risk

Investors who are willing and able to take on more risk might look at business development companies, which invest in loans to mid-size firms. BDCs have yields averaging 9% now and could earn more as rates rise.