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When the Social Security trust fund will run out

Social Security and Medicare are secure right now but the future doesn't look so bright if government reforms aren't made.

66 million Americans have nothing saved for emergencies

A quarter of all adults don't have an emergency fund. If you're worried you may not have enough socked away, here are some ways you can start saving for a rainy day.

Reverse mortgages continue to evolve

Some of the latest changes to reverse mortgages — designed to reduce defaults — may end up costing new borrowers more.

Sub-zero sovereign debt drags all bonds yields down

With foreign rates sliding, investors looking for income are driving down yields in other areas.

Keeping a budget can make or break your retirement

You may procrastinate on making a household budget now but if you don't have one when you retire, you run the risk of overspending and running out of money.

Exchange-traded funds may have hidden costs

Many investors prefer ETFs because of their low-cost image but hidden fees may affect the fund's portfolio performance.