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Everyone has their own best time for finally tapping into their Social Security benefits. The longer you wait the bigger the potential amount may be.

You might soon be able to delay your RMDs. That might come with downsides.

Congress wants to raise the age for required minimum distributions again. That may sound great, but it could come with some important tax implications.

Some lawmakers want to eliminate this backdoor Roth IRA strategy

Many Americans have been using a tax method known as a mega-backdoor Roth conversion to increase their savings, but House Democrats want to do away with it.

Important decisions to make now if you plan to retire within the next five years

To effectively prepare for a retirement free of financial worry, here are five important decisions pre-retirees will need to master to be prepared for a confident retirement.

Some common ways your investments could lead to an IRS audit

Most of us won’t raise a red flag with the IRS, but as an investor, you still need to be mindful. These six things could make auditors take notice.

Video: Why market fundamentals may still be in place

Cate Faddis of Grace Capital says investors shouldn’t read too much into recent drops because the fundamentals supporting markets have not changed.