Videos and infographics covering important retirement, investing and financial topics.

4 metrics to measure retirement preparedness

These calculations can help you decide if you're ready to retire.

More states offer sponsored retirement programs

Some states are administering their own retirement savings plan after a recent court decision found state-sponsored programs constitutional.

How to interpret a college financial aid letter

Is it a grant or a loan? Is that loan public or private? College financial aid letters are notoriously hard to decipher. We'll walk you through one.

The No. 1 question Americans ask about retirement

In honor of April, which is financial literacy month, Google unveiled the 10 questions that Americans ask most about retirement.

Tax records checklist: What to keep, and for how long

What's the general rule of thumb for keeping tax records? Read this infographic for a detailed timeline.

How auto-IRA plans may secure the future

More than 30 million full-time workers don't have access to a retirement plan at their workplace, nor do millions of part-time or independent contractors.

Counting on your home to finance retirement

People are entering—and living in—retirement with record levels of debt. Whether that's a smart strategy or recipe for disaster depends on many factors.

Aging in place on a tight budget

66-year-old Ken Martin and his 93-year-old mother grapple with the challenges, both financial and emotional, of growing old at home on a tight budget.

Changing workplace: Independent and gig workers

For an increasing number of Americans, a patchwork of gig work is the norm, while others have become so-called independent workers because they take second jobs to make ends meet.