Videos and infographics covering important investing and financial topics.

Smart-home hub holiday shopping guide

As voice-based digital assistants grow in popularity, 3 top brands rank the highest. Here's a checklist to help you jumpstart your comparison shopping.

Senior homeowners revive reverse jumbo mortgages

Although such real estate loans had a bad reputation in the past, many of the product issues have been addressed. Now the option may be a good fit for older Americans who want to supplement incomes without taking on more debt.

How to protect personal data at your doctor's office

Since many health care providers are vulnerable to data breaches, patients should be more discerning about how much sensitive information they share.

Decoding China's strategy on trade

At a mega-trade show in China, global businesses and political leaders were looking for hints of Xi Jinping's strategy ahead of planned trade talks with President Trump.

Nvidia gives AI support to Chinese electric vehicle makers

Nvidia signs separate deals with Chinese electric vehicle startups XPeng Motors, Singulato Motors and SF Motors to develop autonomous driving technology.

Why you shouldn't retire when your spouse does

Financially, new research indicates there are compelling reasons for couples to stagger retirements by months, or even years. But there are tricky consequences.

Tax-smart ways to give to charities now

This infographic illustrates three tax-savvy approaches to maximize the impact of giving to the causes you care about most.

Behind the rising costs of long-term-care insurance

Long-term-care insurance was supposed to help seniors pay for costly nursing homes and personal aides. Now the industry is imploding. Here's what's at stake for more than 7 million Americans who own the policies.

Why retirees shouldn't let volatility scare them

What should retirees or soon-to-be retirees do during times of market volatility? Here's how to deal with an unpredictable market and the anxiety that comes with it.