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7 socially responsible funds with staying power

These seven actively managed funds offer good records on environmental, social justice and governance (ESG) issues with solid returns over the past five years.

Test how smart a bond investor you are

When it comes to investing in bonds, there’s a lot more to know than the current interest rate on a Treasury bond or the name of a big bond fund. Take our quiz to test your bond savvy.

Caring for aging parents

Whether the time is now or sometime in the future, here are steps you can take to better prepare for taking care of your aging parents.

How to respond to market volatility

The market is bound to move up and down a lot, but your emotions don't have to follow. Here’s what you should and shouldn't do.

Survey: College is no longer necessary

With rising tuition costs, many young Americans are becoming more open to doing college differently or not going at all, according to a new study.

Tap into market sentiment before investing

Sentiment indicators try to figure out just how bullish the Wall Street herd is so that savvy investors can do the opposite.

ETFs for navigating the trade war

It could be a bumpy ride, but there are ETF investment strategies ranging from nearly risk-free to extremely hands-on during market turbulence.

China currency manipulation label impact

Allianz Global Investors analyst reacts to the Trump administration formally labeling China a currency manipulator and the recent sell-off in equities.

Fighting back against robocalls

While all robocalls are annoying, an estimated two-fifths of them are outright scams. If you're looking for ways to stop them, here are some options for you.