Videos and infographics covering important retirement, investing and financial topics.

Financial resolutions for the new year

Plan for the new year with some smart moves to help improve your financial health and security.

Test your investing expertise

How much do you know about the world of investing? In this quiz, you can test your knowledge of common investing terminology and strategies.

A quick guide to making investing decisions

It's very important to have a strategy that reflects the kind of investor you are. This short quiz is designed to help find the right investing strategy for you.

Strategies to trim next year's tax bill

Several tax changes driven by pandemic economic relief could affect your 2020 return. Consider these five questions before Dec. 31 to adjust your strategy and help trim next year's tax bill.

A dozen cities for early retirees to think about

Where you choose to retire early can make the difference in whether your savings will stretch 20, 30 or even 40 years. To help you in your search, we identified 12 cities with potential based on size and cost of living.

Getting the most out of retirement

Looking for retirement planning advice? Answer a series of questions to discover your unique results of highest-rated articles—from saving money and getting the most out of Social Security, to figuring out where to live and how to manage healthcare costs.

Making sense of Medicare coverage options

When you become eligible for Medicare, you'll have an alphabet of coverage options to consider. Learn how to decode the assortment of important choices.

How pets can improve your retirement well-being

For older adults, pets are a buffer against loneliness and isolation, but the benefits go beyond boosting human spirits. Getting pet-friendly when you retire may give you a healthy boost.

How to calculate loan interest

Interest is one of the primary ways that lenders, banks and credit card issuers earn a profit. Here's a look at how interest works and how you can calculate the cost when you borrow money.