Videos and infographics covering important retirement, investing and financial topics.

Employers match student loan payments with 401(k)

Many workers with student loans postpone saving for retirement. Now, a handful of companies are trying to prevent them from falling behind on retirement savings by matching their student-loan repayments with contributions to a 401(k) plan.

How to shop for an HSA

If you have a high-deductible health insurance policy and want to open a health savings account (HSA) on your own, consider these tips to help guide your choice.

7 inexpensive, high-dividend ETFs to consider

The universe of exchange-traded funds is growing as issuers keep reducing their costs to lure investors. Consider these seven high-dividend ETFs with very low fees.

9 safe growth stocks with lasting dividends

These nine dividend-paying companies generate strong cash flow, maintain safe payout ratios, are committed to rewarding shareholders with healthy dividend increases, and have bright long-term outlooks.

Ways to boost your retirement income

Here are nine strategies to help you make the most of every income source in retirement.

10 stocks to watch for October

October has traditionally been perceived by investors as a volatile month for stocks. But these ten names are positioned to perform in an otherwise unpredictable time of year.

What a sideways stock market indicates

Bears contend the stock market's largely sideways action over the last year signals a top may already be near, if not already established.

Scam economy costs older Americans billions

Scammers steal billions from older Americans each year. While many of us think we won't be the ones to get defrauded, experts say these criminals are getting more savvy. Here's how you can protect yourself.

Congress aims to curtail Stretch IRAs

Congress is proposing changes that limit Stretch IRAs, which pass on decades of tax-free growth to young heirs. Critics say the government is breaking its promise.