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Poll reveals how seniors plan to pay for their long-term care

Most of the national survey respondents, ages 50 to 79, understand their risk of needing long-term care, but many aren't sure how they will pay for it.

Real estate dividend stocks with growth potential as a hedge against inflation

Passive investors may do well to consider these five REITs with ample dividend income to fight off inflationary pressures in the economy.

7 stagflation stocks that could outperform if economic growth slows

Not all stocks suffer during periods of stagflation. Here are seven names that have historically outperformed during periods of rising inflation and slow economic growth.

Dividend-paying undervalued stocks with large buyback programs

These seven undervalued companies are dedicated to making higher dividend per share payments through large buyback programs.

All 30 Dow Jones stocks ranked by leading market analysts

Dow Jones stocks could offer some stability and defense in a down market. Here's how some industry analysts rated all 30 stocks with buy, hold, or sell recommendations.

Important facts you should know about inflation

After years of only mild price increases, higher inflation is here. Make sure you're prepared with these nine basic things to keep in mind.

7 materials stocks that could benefit from strong demand

Supply chain issues and infrastructure demand are driving up prices on materials stocks, putting these seven companies in a position to take advantage.

REITs with trailing 12-month dividend growth of at least 10%

REIT dividends are expected to post double-digit percentage growth this year, making these seven REITs with fast-rising dividends worth a closer look.

Bank stocks that have a dividend yield of 3% or better

These seven banks are benefiting from the opportunity created by higher rates to generate bigger revenue streams that support generous dividend payments.