Videos and infographics covering important retirement, investing and financial topics.

Dividend stocks with a steady payout history

These eight All-Star Dividend Stocks yield above 2% and have paid out steadily increasing payments for more than 50 years, with no signs of stopping.

How to avoid hardship withdrawal penalties

Retirement accounts such as a 401(k) or an IRA allow you to take hardship or early withdrawals from your account. Here's how hardship withdrawals work and some ways to avoid penalties for using them.

6 legal tax shelters to consider

Using a tax shelter can be a smart way to legally reduce your tax bill. Keep reading for everything you need to know about tax shelters and six options that could work for you.

Key IRS tax forms you'll need before filing

Filing your federal tax return will be faster and easier if you have all the necessary information and documents at your fingertips.

What's taxable or not? Test your knowledge

You expect to pay taxes on the money you earn on the job or on a big gain after the sale of stocks or bonds. But you may be surprised to learn that the IRS has taxable plans for other income. Do you know what they are? Take the quiz to find out.

How to finance aging-in-place renovations

Though the renovation costs may be high, aging in place can often be cheaper than an assisted living facility would be — especially if you plan ahead.

Retirees benefit from playing video games

Playing video games can help retirees stay mentally sharp and stave off loneliness by connecting them with a community.

Your retirement tax savings guide

This infographic offers a quick guide to annual contributions to your retirement savings account and where to find the best tax deduction limits for 2021.

Card locks: What they are and how they work

Whether you're trying to prevent yourself from making impulse purchases or keep a family member from accessing your credit account, a credit card lock can stop people from making new charges while still allowing previously authorized charges.