Getting started

  • What Fidelity accounts can be linked to my Fidelity Crypto® account?

    You can choose The Fidelity Account®, Fidelity® Cash Management Account, or Stock Plan Services brokerage account as your funding account. The funding account must have been opened after October of 2003 and can't be linked to another Fidelity Crypto® account. The funding account must be registered to an individual or as a joint account with 2 individual owners (no trusts or other entity owners). Joint tenant-by-entirety funding accounts are not supported.

  • Why can't I trade in my Fidelity Crypto® for Wealth Managers account?

    If you opened your Fidelity Crypto® account through your advisor, you may not have trade authorization, in which case the advisor authorized to manage your accounts will place trades for you. You can still view your account information on and via the Fidelity Investments® app. If you’re able to trade on other advisor-managed accounts but not in your Fidelity Crypto® account, please contact your financial advisor.