• Why did Fidelity change the iPhone® and AndroidTM app?

    We want to provide a more streamlined and robust experience. However, what's ideal about the new release is that you'll still have all of the same functionality you're used to. You will still be able to check your account, monitor the markets, find research ideas, place trades, deposit checks, pay bills, move money, and more.

    The new capabilities give the app a whole new look and feel by offering:

    • More consistency with Fidelity.com to create a seamless experience as you move from phone to desktop
    • Improved navigation, landscape support for all screens, and a new customized home page experience called "Feed" where you will be able to scroll through highlights of important news and information. This info is personalized to you, based on your holdings, watch lists, and interests.
  • What will happen when I first sign on and how will it be different?

    Your settings from the earlier version will be carried over, including Quick Access, Touch ID, and Watch List settings. The biggest change you'll notice is a new look and feel. Also, the home screen will feature a customized Feed to host dynamic information that will be different for each customer. An industry first, this will allow you to easily scroll through:

    • Important news and events for securities you own, watch, or research
    • Market updates based on time of day—now with market futures
    • Customizable news
    • Portfolio updates
    • Research ideas
  • How do I monitor my portfolio, view balances, and check my positions?

    You can quickly get to account information by selecting Accounts from the bottom navigation. You'll then be presented with a summary of your accounts and balances, similar to what you see on Fidelity.com. Tap on any account to get asset allocation, performance, balances over time, and other pertinent information. From the summary screen, you can quickly navigate to your positions and balances, as well as account activity. Similar to Fidelity.com, you can now get account history, orders, and pending transfers all in one location. Later this year, we'll be adding advanced filtering to this screen.

  • Can I trade when viewing my positions? How else can I place a trade?

    You can easily trade from your positions or watch lists—simply tap on the row or security. On the next screen, you'll be presented with the option to buy or sell. We've also added trade shortcuts throughout the app—tap on a symbol to get a quote, or quickly initiate a trade from the quote screen.

  • Once I have placed a trade, where can I view my orders?

    We are aware that some customers had trouble finding orders on the prior version. To address this, we've now made orders accessible from two places. You can now access orders from the Transact, Accounts, or Options section in the bottom navigation. From Transact, select View Your Orders to see all orders across your accounts. From Accounts, select the account(s) with open orders, then tap on the Activity tab at the top to view your orders.

  • What is changing with my watch list?

    Watch lists and preferences will be carried over from the prior version. In addition to the fields you've chosen, you'll now have the ability to bring in P/E, Earnings Per Share, and Dividend fields. You'll also have the option to view your watch list in the traditional grid format, or select the icon at the top right of the screen to scan a heat map view of stocks you're watching.

  • What about Markets and Research updates?

    The Markets and Research sections can be directly navigated to from the More menu. Visit Markets to see the latest market news, market-moving stocks, and delayed futures. From the Research section, get a list of securities you've recently viewed along with the new Bull and Bear of the Day, provided by the popular independent research firm, Zacks. We've created new interactions in both the Research and Markets sections—just tap on a security to quickly get a quote, or swipe from right to left to see more information for that topic.

  • How will Alerts work in the app?

    Your current alert preferences will be transitioned into the new app. We've made the new Alerts section more streamlined, and will be further enhancing it later this year.

  • How do I place trades, move money, and deposit checks now?

    Select Transact from the bottom navigation to trade, transfer money, deposit checks, and pay bills. There are also additional ways to access the trade ticket throughout the app, such as from a quote.

  • What other new features are included?
    • A centralized portfolio activity view is a combined view of Orders, Pending, and History which is comparable to what you see on Fidelity.com
    • Heat map is a colorful way to view companies moving in the market, so you can see which of your stocks are heating up
    • You can quickly access your watch list from the new bottom navigation
    • Zacks Bull and Bear of the Day and Delayed Futures are now available
    • Fidelity Viewpoints® articles are also new to our latest app
    • Get a glimpse at how other investors are doing this year with Openfolio—a third-party that constructs benchmarks from their community of 60,000 investors
  • What else is planned for the mobile app?

    We plan to continue to add more features and functionality throughout the year. Quick Quote, a simplified quote screen, and Quick Trade, a simplified trade ticket, are coming this summer. Always make sure you have the latest version of our app to take advantage of the latest functionality. Check the "What's New" section within the app for any new releases.