Fidelity Portfolio Advisory Service®

This managed account is designed to help you meet your long-term investing goals through a model portfolio1 of mutual funds and, if appropriate, exchange-traded funds (ETFs).2


Professional investment management

Strategic Advisers, Inc., Fidelity's registered investment adviser, will make ongoing investment decisions on your behalf and continually look for appropriate investments for the Portfolio you select.

Investment choice

You can select a Portfolio that reflects a broad universe of investments chosen by our investment professionals. Or, if you prefer, you can select a Portfolio that invests only in Fidelity Funds or one with a focus on index mutual funds and ETFs.

A personal relationship

A dedicated team of experienced managed account professionals and exclusive content on

Account details


Based on your investor profile and stated preferences, Strategic Advisers will help you identify a Portfolio with the appropriate mix of investments and actively manage your Account.

Minimum investment


Gross annual advisory fee

A gross annual advisory fee will be charged—between 0.60% and 1.7%—and will vary based on total assets invested.3

Investment management

Investment team

Strategic Advisers, Inc., a registered investment adviser

Your Investment Team

Investment strategy

Strategic Advisers will manage your Portfolio in accordance with the long-term asset allocation, or your investment strategy, reflective of your investor profile. Over time, your Portfolio's investments will be actively monitored and adjusted.

Benefits of Asset Allocation

Investment holdings

You can choose from three investment preferences, all of which feature active investment selection and seek to maximize your investment return potential for a given level of risk:

Blended: A Portfolio made up of a broad universe of mutual funds from Fidelity and other investment firms.

All-Fidelity: A Portfolio made up of only Fidelity mutual funds.

Index-Focused: A Portfolio made up of mutual funds and exchange-traded funds, with a focus on index funds, from Fidelity and other investment firms.

Strategic Advisers Funds (PDF)

How we keep in touch

Fidelity contacts

A financial consultant, portfolio specialist, or client management team member will be assigned to you.

Customized communications

Monthly statements, quarterly investment reviews, and access to account-specific information, investment commentary, and market insights from Fidelity.

Next steps

To open a managed account with Fidelity, start by telling us your financial needs and goals. We'll send you a complimentary investment proposal.

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