Buying Process for Term Life Insurance

A team of Fidelity representatives can guide you through the process of adding Term Life Insurance to your financial plan.

  1. Estimate how much insurance you need and obtain a quote.
    Use the Term Life Insurance Needs Estimator to calculate your approximate insurance needs and use the Term Life Insurance Quote Tool to obtain a quote.
  2. Call a Fidelity representative at 800-642-6904.
    The representative will work with you over the phone or in person to review your insurance needs and determine your initial rating, as well as your estimated annual premium. Completed paperwork will be sent to you for your signature. You can either mail or fax the paperwork back to Fidelity to begin your application with your Fidelity Investments Life Insurance Case Manager. (The mailing address and fax number will be included with the paperwork.)
  3. Complete your insurance application and formal interview.
    When your paperwork for term life insurance has been received, a Fidelity Investments Life Insurance Case Manager will reach out to you to conduct a formal phone interview. This 15–20 minute interview will cover categories such as your medical history, hobbies, employment, and driving records. After the interview, your Fidelity Life Insurance Case Manager will send you, by overnight mail, detailed instructions on how to complete the application. A courtesy overnight return envelope will be included for you to mail back the application.
  4. Undergo a no-cost medical examination.
    After receiving your signed application, your Fidelity Investments Life Insurance Case Manager will help you schedule a no-cost medical examination. A medical professional will visit you at a convenient location—at work or home—to conduct the examination.
  5. Get your underwriting decision.
    Generally within four to six weeks, your Fidelity Investments Life Insurance Case Manager will contact you with the details of the underwriting decision, letting you know if you are accepted for coverage and what your premium will cost.

Under certain circumstances, verification of information and additional medical requirements may be necessary. A dedicated Fidelity Investments Life Insurance Case Manager will be assigned to handle all aspects of guiding your case through the underwriting process quickly and efficiently.