Long Term Care

MassMutual CareChoiceSM One1 is a single premium whole life insurance policy with a qualified long term care insurance (LTCI) rider. It combines long term care and life insurance benefits into one policy. It offers individuals a way to help prepare for their future long term care needs by allowing them to use a portion of their savings to create a larger pool of long term care insurance benefits. It can help protect your retirement assets from being depleted by long term care expenses.

If you never need long term care, the policy will pay a death benefit to your heirs or you can cancel the policy at any time and receive the surrender value. Furthermore, any whole life policy dividends2 can be used to increase the value and benefits that your policy provides.

Coverage features

May be appropriate for Individuals who desire long term care coverage and life insurance as a secondary benefit
  • Pool of long term care benefits (LTC Benefit Pool3)
  • Death benefit
  • Policy Surrender Value that increases over time
Dividends2 Eligible dividends2 may be used to extend the length of time that the long term care benefit is available
Minimum long term care benefit period 4 years
Long term care benefit type Monthly reimbursement4
Age availability 35-69 (65 for Tobacco users)
Minimum premium $25,000
Premium type Single premium
Underwriting Simplified, no fluids or paramedical exam
Rate types Non-Tobacco, Tobacco
Additional features5 Inflation protection option

MassMutual company ratings

A.M. Best

A++ (Superior)6

Standard & Poor's

AA+ (Strong)6

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