The Ohio Housing Finance Agency Residential Mortgage Revenue Bonds (Mortgage-Backed Securities Program)

We are pleased to announce that Fidelity Capital Markets has been chosen as a selling group member for the Ohio Housing Finance Agency (OHFA) $118 million1 Series 2016 D bond sale.

The OHFA is expected to come to market with $118 million1 in Series 2016 D Residential Mortgage Revenue Bonds. These bonds are being issued to finance Mortgage Loans which will be pooled to back Mortgage-Backed Securities and to refund a portion of the OHFA Residential Mortgage Revenue Bonds, 2008 Series I. The Series 2016 D bonds are limited obligations of the OHFA and are payable solely out of certain revenues and assets of the OHFA pledged therefor under the Trust Indenture. The Series 2016 D bonds do not constitute a debt of the pledge of the faith and credit of the State of Ohio or of any political subdivision thereof, and the holders or owners of the bonds have no right to have taxes levied by the General Assembly of Ohio or by the taxing authority of any political subdivision.

Traditionally, municipal bonds will be subject to optional call features and term bonds generally have a Mandatory Sinking Fund feature. Please review the structure on the day of the pricing before placing an order. These Series 2016 D Residential Mortgage Revenue Bonds are not subject to the alternative minimum tax.

Key benefits

The bond sale offers attractive benefits to individual investors, including: prices and yields that match those available to institutional investors; the potential for stable income through the call dates; and, for Ohio residents, federal and state tax exemption on the bond coupon payments.

How to place an order

The offering is expected to price the week of May 2, although market conditions and/or the discretion of the issuer may alter the anticipated timeline. Individual investors can place orders onlineLog In Required or by calling a Fidelity representative at 800-544-5372. To stay up-to-date on pricing, credit rating changes, and more, please sign up for Fidelity Alerts or visit our Municipal Bond New Issue Offerings page.

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