FAQs: Video appointments

In an effort to stay connected and help ensure all of your financial needs are met, we’re offering video conferencing capabilities. Using Zoom, you can meet with your dedicated Fidelity representative and team face-to-face through video, if that’s your preference.

After scheduling your appointment, your Fidelity representative will send an email with more information on how to join with Zoom.

Getting started

  • What is Zoom?

    Zoom is a third-party program that combines video conferencing, online meetings, and mobile collaboration.

  • What are best practices when using Zoom?

    Here are some tips to follow when using Zoom:

    • If possible, join using a mobile device or tablet since Zoom is easiest using both audio and video through a hand-held device.
    • If joining from a computer, use the video on your computer, but audio through your phone. This will allow for better control of your audio.
    • If joining on multiple devices, please ensure that you mute your audio on all but one device to help eliminate any echo.
    • Use a headset for audio, when available.
    • Close all other programs or unnecessary web pages to help optimize the speed of your connection.
    View more best practices
  • What is the preferred browser to use when joining through the web?

    Zoom’s preferred browser is Google Chrome. A list of supported browsers and features can be found here.

Joining a meeting

  • How do I join a Zoom meeting?

    The meeting invite from your Fidelity representative will outline multiple ways to join a meeting.

    If you want to… Then…
    Use audio and video, and you do NOT have the Zoom software on your computer Click the meeting link next to Join via web browser
    Use audio and video, and you have the Zoom software on your computer Click the meeting link next to Join via computer
    Use audio and video from your mobile device, and you have the Zoom software on your device

    Take note of the meeting ID in the invite, open the Zoom App, and then enter the meeting ID 

    Or click the URL in the email from your mobile device

    Use audio-only from your mobile device Choose one tap mobile
  • Does Zoom offer toll-free calling?

    Yes, for a list of supported numbers refer to Zoom International Dial-in Numbers.

  • How can I mute my phone?

    To mute, use your phone’s default mute button or mute by pressing *6.

  • How do I test my computer or device audio?

    Refer to Zoom's support page Testing Computer or Device Audio.

  • How do I test my video?

    Refer to Zoom's support page How Do I Test my Video?

  • Can I download a Zoom app?

    Yes, but it’s not required for meeting with your Fidelity representative. If interested, follow the steps below to download Zoom to your computer or mobile device.

    For PC/Mac users:

    1. Open a web browser (Google Chrome is preferred).
    2. Navigate to https://zoom.us/download.
    3. Click the Download button (under Zoom Client for Meetings).
    4. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the download process.

    For iPad®/iPhone®/Android™ users:

    1. Open the App (Apple) or Google Play (Android) store.
    2. Search for Zoom Cloud Meetings.
    3. Tap the Get (Apple) or Install (Android) button for the Zoom Cloud Meeting app.
    4. Follow your mobile instructions to complete the download process.

Security and privacy

  • Is it safe to share personal information over Zoom?

    Information security and privacy are top priorities for Fidelity, and we ensure that the tools we utilize as an enterprise can provide the highest level of protection to you. Our policies and vendor agreement prohibit Zoom, or any third party, from sharing or disclosing information around a person’s identity, contact information, or location.

  • How do I know my conversations are private?

    We have taken several precautions to ensure all information shared over Zoom is protected and private. 

    Zoom does not sell personal data or monitor meetings. Zoom limits the data collected to what’s necessary to perform the Zoom services. Data is not used for advertising. Read Zoom’s updated Privacy Policy for more details on how Zoom ensures the privacy and security of personal data. 

    Fidelity associates will never share Zoom invites via social media, and we do not recommend that clients share their unique meeting ID with anyone except those that will be joining their meeting. 

    Customer-facing Fidelity associates do not have the ability to record Zoom sessions.

  • How do I know my conversations are secure?

    We have taken several precautions to ensure all information shared over Zoom is secure. 

    Fidelity does not use the chat feature with clients and has disabled the functionality, mitigating any published chat vulnerabilities. 

    Fidelity does not publish details pertaining to Zoom meetings on public websites and uses documented security controls for client meetings that prevent unintended guests from joining, including the use of a unique meeting ID with every client. 

    Zoom has implemented robust and validated internal controls to prevent unauthorized access to video, audio, or content.