Bank Wires

Transfer money into and out of your Fidelity brokerage, mutual fund, or retirement accounts via bank wire.

  • Wire transfers for brokerage accounts are typically completed the same business day.
  • Wires for mutual fund accounts are completed one business day after the request.
  • Wires into your Fidelity account are considered collected immediately and available for security purchases or withdrawal once received.

Electronic Funds Transfers are free and may be an alternative to a bank wire.

How to wire to Fidelity

Transfers to Fidelity accounts must be initiated at the financial institution where the funds are deposited.

View information needed to wire to Fidelity.

How to wire from Fidelity

Set up or update wire instructions.

Your first step is to set up bank wire instructions for each bank account.

Send a wire.

Once you set up wire instructions, you can send a wire to your bank account.

Additional information

All wires will be in U.S. dollars, unless a foreign currency wire transfer is requested.


  • Fidelity does not charge a fee for receiving wire transfers.
  • The fee for sending a wire transfer from Fidelity is:
    • $10 for single domestic wire transferred online.
    • $15 for single domestic wire transferred through a Fidelity representative.
  • Your bank may charge a fee for sending or receiving wires.