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For a full list of contact information please visit Customer Service.

Phone Numbers
To become a Fidelity customer, call 1-800-FIDELITY. | 800-343-3548

Personal Accounts (e.g., Brokerage, IRAs) | 800-544-6666
Fidelity Automated Service Telephone (FAST®) | 800-544-5555
Retirement Representative | 800-544-4774
529 College Savings Plan | 800-544-1914
Corporate Stock Plan Services | 800-544-9354
TDD access for deaf and hard-of-hearing customers | 800-544-0118

Refer to the specific phone number provided by your employer, or use the number listed here for general information regarding:
Employer Sponsored Benefits Plans (e.g., 401(k), 403(b)) | 800-835-5097

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