Take control of retirement savings, health care costs—and more!

When you're self-employed, tax season may be the right time to make retirement contributions and get potential tax savings. Learn how Fidelity can help you with a small business retirement account, HSA, and other plans.

Small business retirement plans

You may be missing out on retirement savings for tax-year 2023

Open and contribute as much as $66,000 to a SEP IRA1 or self-employed 401(k)2 for potential tax benefits by your tax-filing deadline, plus extensions.

No matter the size or shape of your business, Fidelity can help you find a small business retirement plan to help you save for your future. Learn how—and which plan might be right for you.

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Health savings account

Now’s your chance to save with the #1 HSA3

Triple-tax advantage4

Contributions, growth on investments, and withdrawals for qualified health care expenses are all tax-free.

It's not "use it or lose it"

Spend now or invest in your future. Balances can carry over from year to year and be invested.

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Stride logo

Fidelity’s teamed up with Stride to help you find affordable health insurance

With Stride5, independent workers can search and compare available health, dental, and vision insurance plans, and get recommendations based on your health concerns, preferred doctors, budget, and other unique needs. Apply in about 10 minutes.

If you're 65 or older, Fidelity Medicare Services® offers complimentary guidance to help you find coverage that's right for you.

More options to save, spend, and help protect your hard-earned money

Cash management account

Get your finances in order

Track your income and expenses online, while saving for short-term goals like taking time off. Our award-winning6 Fidelity Cash Management Account7 can earn interest as you save with a competitive rate—currently 2.72% APY.*

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Term life insurance

Protect your loved ones in your absence

The unthinkable can happen anytime. If it does, without the life insurance coverage an employer might provide, your loved ones could be in a bind without your income. Term life insurance8 can help.

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*Source: Fidelity rate as of July 31, 2023. FDIC Monthly National Deposit Rate as of November 20, 2023.

Let's talk costs

Every dollar counts when you work for yourself, so we focus on making things affordable. In most cases, no fees are associated with these accounts.

Small business retirement plans

No opening cost, closing cost, or annual fee and $0 commission for online US stock, ETF, and options trades†‡

Health savings account

No account fees or fees for administrative services9

Cash management account

No account fees or minimums10 and ATM fees reimbursed globally11

Term life insurance

Costs depend on size and term of your policy

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