About our service

Tell us about yourself, why you're investing, what matters to you, and our team will build a portfolio around your goals, then work closely with you to keep it on track.

Your goals are our priority

Saving for retirement

We'll suggest a mix of investments to help you reach your goals.

Living in retirement

Once you retire, our team will work to help make sure you’ll have income throughout your retirement.

Growth & protection

We'll design an investment strategy based on your full financial picture and manage it to help you seek opportunities and manage risk, based on your personal preferences and goals for you and your family.

Saving for a major purchase

You'll receive a proposed investment strategy that considers a specific savings goal, such as college tuition.

We'll suggest a strategy based on the way you want to invest.

Guided by what matters most to you

As we select and manage your strategy, we'll consider your investment preferences, your current portfolio, your tax situation,* and even the way we communicate the trades we're making on your behalf.

Investment opportunities you can't typically get on your own

Risk management

A dedicated team monitors and seeks to manage risk through all markets to keep you on track toward your goal.


We offer exclusive investments not generally available to individual investors.

Research and technology

Our proprietary research and technology lets us uncover new investment opportunities.

An affordable fee for professional money management

Your annual advisory fee covers the ongoing management of your money—including investment selection and rebalancing. It also includes our personal service and support so you always know what’s happening with your investments.

 No trade commissions from Fidelity

 No separate bill

(Fees deducted quarterly from your account)

 Withdraw funds any time

We offer a range of services that can help meet your needs depending on your goals and how much you'd like to invest.

Choose how you want to get started

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