Supporting local businesses you care about

About 50% of Americans are employed by a small business. Many businesses, particularly small businesses like your favorite coffee shop, dry cleaner, or hair salon, are faced with significant financial pressures in the wake of stay-at-home orders across the country.

Are you wanting to help but not sure how?

It's easy and convenient

Consider a financial gift, or buying a gift card, to a local business that you visit frequently or that you think could benefit most from your support. Have their address handy and you're ready to begin.

Give a gift today

  1. Log in to Fidelity BillPayLog In Required. If you're not set up with BillPay, it takes about a minute to enrollLog In Required.
  2. On the top black navigation bar, select Pay Bills, and complete the required information. When adding payee information, instead of entering the small business phone number, select Add Payee Manually.
  3. Use Check Memo to add a message (e.g., "COVID-19 community support" or "Miss your coffee").
  4. A check will be mailed to the business address you shared. As they probably don't receive checks regularly, perhaps give them a heads up.

Buy a gift card for tomorrow

  1. Visit Give & Get Local, powered by Square.*
  2. Enter the address or city of the community or business you want to support.
  3. Select the business you're supporting. If it's not listed, they may not use Square, so consider reaching out directly to the business.
  4. Complete your purchase.

PayPal® can also be used easily. Log in to Fidelity.comLog In Required.
Have the email address or phone number of the small business handy. From the top black navigation bar, select Transfer, then Send money with PayPal.


Looking for ideas to help determine which business and how much?

Give a gift today

  • If it's a business you visited daily, weekly, or monthly, how much did you spend on a regular basis? Consider giving that amount.
  • If you usually got coffee and pastries at your favorite bakery, spending $10 weekly, is that a recurring payment you'd feel comfortable making?

Buy a gift card for tomorrow

  • Find the business you want to support. Perhaps it's the one you often pass when driving to work or taking a walk?
  • Think about birthdays, holidays, or just treating yourself to something nice when things settle down, and how much you're comfortable spending.

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