How to Wire Money Into a Fidelity Account

Wiring funds from your bank into your Fidelity account is a good choice when you need to move money quickly and securely. The money you send through a wire transfer from your bank is available immediately, which means you have access to your money right away.

What do I need to know?

  • You'll need to call, go online, or visit the bank you're wiring from and:
    • Provide your bank with Fidelity's incoming wiring instructions.
    • If you're wiring into a retirement account, make sure you follow the specific instructions to include the correct contribution code.
  • Follow the wiring instructions based on whether you're wiring funds into a brokerage or mutual fund account.
    Note: J.P. Morgan Chase, NY handles incoming wires for Fidelity brokerage accounts, and Deutsche Bank Trust Company handles incoming wires for Fidelity mutual fund accounts. These banks receive the initial wires and then they forward the money to Fidelity so we can credit the funds to your specific account.
  • After you request the wire, make sure you ask for the Federal Reserve reference number. We use this number to track the wire if it's delayed or not received.

Note: If you're wiring into a mutual fund account, please include the fund's name. If you omit the fund's name, the wire is returned to your bank. The only exceptions are wires to mutual fund retirement accounts: in that case, if you omit the fund's name, we credit the money to a Fidelity Government Cash Reserves account.

What to expect

  • Brokerage accounts are credited on the same day the wire is received. Be sure to check your balance periodically since the wire is credited as soon as it arrives.
  • Mutual fund accounts are credited the day the wire is received. That means if you send a wire today, before 4 p.m. ET, the money will buy shares at today's market close, and you'll see those shares in your account on the next business day.

We will send an alert when we receive your wire. You can also find this information in your Communication CenterLog In Required under Alerts History.

Transaction confirmations are sent by email or U.S. Mail, depending on your delivery preferences.