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Our custom screeners and analysis can help you generate investing ideas and then research and compare investments to help you make more-informed decisions.

Build and model a sector-based portfolio  NEW

Sector Portfolio Builder Tool


Build hypothetical custom-weighted sector portfolios, compare against benchmarks, and research sector-focused mutual funds and ETFs.

Sector Portfolio Builder
Includes education about sectors and industry strategies.

Browse and compare funds based on our selection criteria


We screen the mutual fund universe quarterly and select funds based on criteria such as no transaction fees or loads, risk-adjusted performance, and investment profile.

Fund Picks From Fidelity®
View up to 10 funds per investment category.

Search and evaluate mutual funds according to your criteria


Our mutual fund screener can help you search, filter, and sort through all 10,000 funds available through Fidelity.

Mutual Fund Evaluator
Search by type, performance, expense ratio, or rating.

Create a customized exchange-traded fund (ETF) portfolio


This educational tool lets you choose from the universe of ETFs available through Fidelity or customize a model portfolio around your investment needs.

ETF Portfolio Builder
Build a new portfolio or access one of your saved ones.

Search the universe of publicly traded stocks according to your criteria


Our stock screener lets you explore the universe of publicly traded stocks using preselected or custom criteria.

Stock Screener
Filter by more than 140 criteria with customizable values.