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Fidelity is dedicated to your financial wellness, offering a wide range of educational resources and professional guidance to help you take control of your future.

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Smart automation makes investing simple and easy. Our robo advisor makes investing quick, easy, and affordable.1

Go solo and invest in what matters to you

Introducing Fidelity Solo FidFolios℠—the next generation of customized investing. Pick a theme and customize to make it your own. Then enjoy one click to trade an entire basket of stocks, and simple ways to monitor and rebalance. Enhance your brokerage account and be more in control of what you own.

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Get $150 reimbursed

Move your account and get up to $150 in account transfer fees reimbursed.2

Introducing Fidelity Rewards+SM—exclusive benefits for Wealth Management clients

As a thank you for clients who invest at least $250,000 in professionally managed assets,3 we're offering a wide range of benefits including:

The only credit card that earns you up to 3% cash back4 on everyday purchases

Waived minimum investments on select lower-cost money market funds, giving you more choice for investing your cash

3 layers of advanced identity protection from IDnotify®, a part of Experian®

Invest more, get more. It's that simple.

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Investing calls for clarity

At Fidelity, we believe the more we can make investing and financial planning clear and simple, the more confident you'll be about the decisions you make. And the more you'll get from our relationship together.

Investing calls for clarity

At Fidelity, we believe the more we can make investing and financial planning clear and simple, the more confident you'll be about the decisions you make. And the more you’ll get from our relationship together.

Level up your investing skills by watching In the Money, a weekly live show where a Fidelity professional discusses the macro backdrop and new trade ideas with Tony Zhang and Jessica Inskip of OptionsPlay. Hear original insights, options strategies, and timely trades tailored for the evolving market conditions.5

When: Live every Thursday at 2 p.m. ET

We know crypto

From bitcoin mining in 2014, to our first crypto service in 2018, we learned by doing.


Train your brain

Our focus on education will help you invest in crypto with clarity.


Go direct or go broad

Trade bitcoin and ethereum directly6 or get broader access with ETFs—your choice.


Keeping your information and assets secure

The protection of your portfolio and personal information is the foundation of our relationship. That's why we offer the latest technology to help give you the ultimate benefit—peace of mind.

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Financial wellness & education

Improve your financial wellness with these tools and resources

Financial wellness is comprehensive. When you're financially well, you feel confident about the future and know what you're going to do next with your money. From budgeting your finances and paying down debt to creating an emergency fund and investing for the future, it's all about learning what to do and then taking action. We update this Financial Wellness section every quarter, to make sure we provide you with timely information that meets your needs—so keep coming back.

The more skills and knowledge you gain, the more you'll be able to improve your financial wellness. Check out these tips and resources for staying on top of key money matters:

Fidelity Webcast hub:
Practical conversations to help you work toward living well financially, today and tomorrow:

Bernanke webinar

The markets, economy, and your portfolio
Watch these recorded webinars with Dr. Ben Bernanke, PIMCO and Fidelity for an exclusive look at the economy and markets and what it may mean for your portfolio.

Bernanke webinar

Fidelity Charitable7

What if you could give more to charities and potentially pay less on your taxes? Learn more about the potential tax advantages of charitable giving here.

Learn more about these important topics:

Fidelity for her
Learn about the unique financial considerations women face, when to save vs invest, and which accounts make sense for your goals.

Market Volatility: Strategies for uncertain times
Find out what to consider when market volatility increases

Fidelity Viewpoints®: Market Sense
Find out what's moving markets and get timely economic updates and market outlooks from Fidelity professionals.

Market trends and insights

Fidelity Smart Money - Find out what the news means for your money, plus tips to help you spend, save, and invest better.

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Visit Fidelity Learn for other articles, videos, and webinars

Fidelity Youth: A free+ app that can help your teen make, manage, and invest their own money- with your guiding hand.

With the Fidelity YouthTM Account, your teen can:
- Save and spend their way with a debit card and money buckets
- Start investing with as little as $1
- Get paid to learn and practice good money behavior

Interested in learning about strategies and tools geared towards long-term investing success? Listen into Season 4 of Fresh Invest as we’ll discuss the investing life cycle in the context of today’s economic climate.

Whatever you're investing for, we can help

Whether you need a trading account, or a rollover, traditional, or Roth IRA—it only takes a few minutes to open an account.

Please note: As the employee, it's your responsibility to adhere to your firm's compliance policy and code of ethics. For more information, contact your compliance office.

Please also remember that Fidelity Cash Management and Health Savings accounts need to be disclosed to compliance.

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