Time & Sales

The stand alone Time & Sales tool, available under Quotes & Watch List, offers real-time, intraday, and historical Time & Sales data. If you'd like to see streaming Time & Sales data, use the Directed Trading window.

To show Time & Sales data enter an equity or option symbol in the upper-left field and up to the last 500 trade prints will display. You can refresh the data to see new trades by right-clicking anywhere in the window and selecting Refresh. The data can be filtered by Date (within the last 30 days), Time, Price, Size, and Exchange. To clear your filters, use the Clear All link in the upper-right of the window or right-click and select Clear Filters. You can also reorder the data by dragging the column headers into your desired order.

The Time & Sales grid will display all trades that have occurred on the entered security based on the filter criteria, regardless of trade condition and market session. The data is color-coded:

  • Securities traded at or below the Bid price will be displayed in red.
  • Securities traded at or above the Ask price will be displayed in green.
  • Securities traded between the Bid and Ask price will be displayed in white.

  • Time & Sales Exchange Codes for Equities

    The Last Exchange and Bid Exchange columns use the following exchange codes:

    • A ‒ AMEX
    • B ‒ Boston
    • BYX ‒ BATY
    • DEA ‒ EDGA
    • DEX ‒ EDGX
    • DF ‒ ADF
    • EPRL ‒ MIAX Pearl Equities
    • IX ‒ Investors Exchange
    • MEMX ‒ Members Exchange
    • MW ‒ Midwest
    • N ‒ NYSE
    • NATL ‒ National
    • OB ‒ OTCBB
    • P ‒ ARCA
    • PH ‒ Philadelphia
    • Q ‒ Nasdaq
    • TH ‒ Third
    • Z ‒ BATS
  • Equity Trade Condition Codes
    Code Trade Condition
    C Cash Sale
    G Bunched Sold Trade
    H Intraday Trade Detail
    I Basket Index on Close
    N Next Day
    O Opened
    P Prior Reference
    Q Corrected Trade
    R Seller
    T Form T
    W Average Price
    X Canceled Trade
    Z Sold (Out of Sequence)
  • Time & Sales Exchange Codes for Options

    The Last Exchange and Bid Exchange columns use the following exchange codes:

    • A ‒ NYSE Amex Options Market
    • B ‒ Boston Options Exchange (BOX)
    • C2 ‒ CBOE C2 Options Exchange
    • DEX ‒ EDGX Options Exchange
    • I ‒ International Securities Exchange
    • IT ‒ ISE Gemini
    • MCRY ‒ ISE Mercury
    • MX ‒ MIAX Options Exchange (Miami)
    • P ‒ NYSE Arca Options Market (formerly Pacific)
    • PERL ‒ MIAX Pearl
    • Q ‒ NASDAQ Options Market
    • W ‒ Chicago Board Options Exchange
    • Z ‒ BATS Options Market