Option Positions (Underlying, Strategy, Expiration)

You can view your option positions and strategy pairings by your choice of three types of groupings: by underlying, by strategy, or by expiration. To do so, use the option views available from the main navigation under the Accounts tab. These views, made available to customers whose accounts are approved to trade optionsLog In Required, provide gain/loss (G/L) information, margin requirements, and current values, among many other fields.

  • Option Summary Views

    There are three ways to view your positions and strategies:

    • Options by Underlying ‒ Positions and strategies will be grouped by the underlying security in alphabetical order.
    • Options by Strategy ‒ Positions and strategies will be grouped by the strategy in alphabetical order.
    • Options by Expiration ‒ Positions and strategies will be grouped from the nearest contract expiration date to the furthest expiration. Strategies with more than one expiration will be grouped by the nearest expiration in the strategy. Positions with no expiration date will appear after the farthest expiration date.

    You can change between views from the dropdown in the top left of the tool.

  • Options Positions Totals

    There are two ways information is provided in the Options Positions tool:

    • Topline Totals ‒ Above the positions grid, we show the total market value, gain/loss since previous close (Today's Gain/Loss) and gain/loss since purchase (Total Gain/Loss) for all positions in the account. Hover on the Market Value balance field to get the Total Account Value balance and to view any pending activity not reflected in the Market Value (e.g., Cash Debit or Cash Credit from Unsettled Activity, Margin Debit, or Credit balance, etc.).
    • Bottom-line ‒ Use the totals displayed below your positions to view Today's Gain/Loss, Total Gain/Loss, Basis, Market Value, and Margin Requirement for the stock and option positions displayed in the grid.

    To summarize, the totals at the top of the grid reflect all positions in the account and the totals at the bottom of the grid reflect your stock and option positions.

  • In-the-Money Contracts

    For contracts that are in-the-money, an orange bar will appear to the right of the position.

  • Trade

    Use the right-click menu, action menu, or Bid/Ask on the strategy row to easily close, trade, or roll a strategy. Using either menu will prefill a trading ticket with the contract information and other order details to ensure faster access to the markets. The right-click and action menus on each contract row will allow quick trading of individual contract legs.

  • Customize the Option Positions Display

    You can create your own view of the data by dragging columns. You can also customize column width. To add, remove, or reorder columns, select Manage from the top right of the tool and then choose Add & Remove Columns. You can also right-click on the column header to add and remove specific columns. In the Strategy column, use the arrows located on the far left to expand or collapse the rows. Use the arrow located to the left of the Strategies column header to collapse all the data rows (all data is shown by default). To export, right-click on the tool to send your option positions data to a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet (.xls) or a comma-separated values CSV file (.csv).

  • Show/Hide Unpaired Shares

    On the Option Summary views, you can choose to Hide Unpaired Shares. Hiding unpaired shares removes from view any stock or ETF shares that are not part of a multi-leg strategy, allowing you to focus in on your current option strategies. You can hide or show unpaired shares using the Manage menu on Option Summary.