Quote data helps you manage the latest information on the securities in your portfolio, as well as the securities you are tracking. You can get quotes on domestic and international stocks, ETFs, options, mutual funds, money market funds, and indices. Active Trader Pro® features a Quote tool that you can customize and size to fit perfectly in your layout. The Quote tool provides more detailed information in a flexible, customizable format with the ability to reorder fields by dragging them to the desired order, and add or delete fields using the right-click menu.

Getting a Quote

You can open a Quote from the Quotes & Watch List menu in the main navigation. To get a quote, type the security symbol into the entry field or select a previously entered symbol from the dropdown list.

You can open multiple Quote windows by repeating this process.

Customize Quote

You can customize the information provided by using the right-click menu. To remove a field, right-click on it and select Remove Field. To add a field, right-click anywhere in the Quote tool and select Add Field. To change how quote information is organized, drag it to the desired location. To resize the quote, drag the tool horizontally, vertically, or diagonally from a corner or edge (the fields will dynamically re-arrange based on the selected height and width).