For over 70 years, we have been a pioneer in making financial expertise broadly accessible and effective

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Our Standards


Making sound judgments for the long term. Maintaining the long-term health and stability of our company will always be one of the most important responsibilities we have to our customers.


Acting in good faith and taking pride in getting things just right. The commitment each of us makes to go the extra mile for our customers and put their interests before our own is a big part of what makes Fidelity special.


Treating every moment as an opportunity to improve people's lives even as they make complex, difficult decisions about their future. We have an obligation to do everything in our power to help our customers, as well as our employees and the communities where we live and work.


Using our insights to drive confidence, clarity, and results. Whether we are serving our clients or our communities, Fidelity's commitment to applying our expertise to solve complex challenges is a source of pride for our associates.

Moments From Our History


Fidelity purchases its first computer, beginning its commitment to developing and using the latest technology to serve its customers.


Fidelity's first street-level Investor Center opens on Congress Street in Boston. For the first time, customers can get personal service along with free information and investment guidance on a walk-in basis.


Fidelity becomes an Internet pioneer as the first mutual fund company to create a home page on the World Wide Web.

Thought Leadership

Follow Fidelity's thought leaders for financial insights and investment perspectives.

Kathy Murphy is the president of Fidelity Personal Investing. Follow Kathy for topics related to careers, leadership, life lessons, women & investing and family finances.

Jurrien Timmer specializes in Global Macro Research. Follow Jurrien for insights on markets, investing, economic indicators, and analytics.

Jeanne Thompson specializes in Workplace Investing. Follow Jeanne on Twitter and LinkedIn for insights on wealth building, savings basics, retirement planning, and women investors.

Bob Oros specializes in independent advisors as head of the registered investment advisor segment. Follow Bob for insights on situations that RIAs are seeing each and every day, like running a business, driving growth and referrals and more.

David Canter specializes in Practice Management and Consulting. Follow David for insights on how advisors can evolve and grow their businesses.

Scott Couto specializes in Institutional Asset Management Distribution. Follow Scott for insights on investing, leadership, and enhancing the client experience.

Emily Cervino specializes in Workplace Stock Plan Services. Follow Emily for insights on equity compensation, ESPPs, financial wellness, financial literacy, and saving.

Mike Durbin specializes in wealth technologies. Follow Mike for insights on the role of innovation in the evolving advice landscape.

All about the ERGs

To help further the spirit of inclusion, Fidelity established Employee Resource Groups that are now 11,000 employees strong.

Focusing on the future

Since innovation is in the DNA of Fidelity, we created our very own research center called Fidelity Labs.

Hitting all the right notes

For the eighth consecutive year, Fidelity is inspiring young musicians to pursue their passions through the Fidelity Investments Young Artists Competition at the Boston Pops.

The State of Charitable Giving in America

The 2016 Fidelity Charitable Giving Report offers a view into how Americans give

Our Company

Personal Investing

We provide financial planning and retirement options such as IRAs, annuities, and managed accounts; brokerage and cash management products; college savings accounts; and other financial services for millions of individual investors.

Workplace Investing

We work with employers to build benefit programs for their employees, and provide recordkeeping, investments, and servicing in defined contribution, defined benefit, health & welfare, and stock plan services.

Fidelity Institutional

We bring sophisticated technology and highly personalized service together to offer clearing, custody, investment products, brokerage, and trading services to a wide range of financial firms.

Fidelity Institutional Asset Management

Fidelity Institutional Asset Management is a distribution organization dedicated to the institutional marketplace. It serves consultants and institutional investors, such as defined benefit and defined contribution plans, endowments, and financial advisors.

Fidelity Charitable

Fidelity Charitable is an independent public charity that allows donors to establish a dedicated donor-advised fund to support their favorite charities in the short term and create a systematic plan for longer term philanthropic goals.

Fidelity Labs

Fidelity Labs explores emerging technology and harnesses innovation to benefit Fidelity's businesses and customers.

Careers at Fidelity

Fidelity Careers Sales, relationship management, product, marketing, technology, operations, and corporate functions

Asset Management Careers Investment management and support