About Fidelity


Fidelity is focused on how – not if – digital assets will become part of the financial industry’s future, collaborating across the industry to ensure customer choice.

Fidelity's legacy of and commitment to innovation has helped the company grow during periods of market volatility, industry disruption and regulatory changes, and continues to allow the company to anticipate evolving customer preferences, like the growing interest in access to digital assets.


At Fidelity, we focus on technology to lay a foundation for the future one experiment at a time. We build platforms and products to help our customers take on a future they're only beginning to imagine. This year we’re joining the thousands of others with a keen interest in this space at Consensus 2022. Click below to hear from Fidelity CEO Abby Johnson.


Exploring new ideas and opportunities is the foundation of our company and a commitment to our customers. We do this through innovation, collaboration and our associates.

History of Innovation

Fidelity began researching bitcoin and developing blockchain solutions in 2014. After seeing demand from its clients, Fidelity developed a dedicated business, Fidelity Digital Assets. Today, we serve hundreds of institutions globally. Click below to view a timeline of our work in digital assets.

How We're Collaborating Across the Industry

We work closely with individuals, businesses, financial advisors, clients and regulators. Listening helps to ensure that we can provide customers with choice, and ensure they can gain exposure to digital assets if they choose to do so in a way that is right for them. Click below to follow @FidelityPolicy on Twitter.

Hiring the Best and Brightest Talent

We’re in search of people passionate about the possibilities for digital assets and the future of blockchain technology. The field of digital assets is rapidly growing and changing and we are looking for talented individuals to join our team. Click below to search for crypto jobs at Fidelity.

In the News

Fidelity Investments

As Most Advisors Report They Lack Confidence Counseling on Cryptocurrencies, Fidelity® Expands Its Lineup of Digital Assets Education Offerings

Fidelity Investments 

Fidelity Investments Advances Leading Position as Digital Assets Provider With Launch of Industry’s First-of-Its-Kind Bitcoin Offering for 401(k) Core Investment Lineup

Fidelity Investments

Fidelity Opens “The Fidelity Stack” In Decentraland; Becomes First Brokerage Firm With Immersive Educational Metaverse Experience

Fidelity Investments

New Fidelity® ETFs Will Offer Access to Crypto and Metaverse Industries, Part of the Company’s Expanding Thematic Fund Lineup


Fidelity offers access to an expanding digital assets ecosystem and product portfolio.

Cryptocurrency is just one of the areas in which Fidelity continues to make significant investments to meet evolving customer needs. For nearly a decade, Fidelity’s been working to develop a digital assets ecosystem with infrastructure, products, and services comparable to the solutions it provides for traditional assets.

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For Individual Investors

Cryptocurrency is the new frontier—invest in the companies and technologies helping to lead the way through our ETFs.

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For Employers

As interest in digital assets grows, 401(k) plan sponsors are looking for ways to offer their employees access to digital assets through a workplace retirement account.

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For Institutional Investors

Our digital assets platform and investment solutions are built to serve the unique and varying needs of institutional investors.

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For Financial Advisors

We are committed to providing continuing education and awareness for advisors in the area of digital assets.

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Fidelity Center for Applied Technology

Fidelity’s technology innovation hub, leading pioneering research in blockchain and other emerging technology sectors.


Fidelity is committed to providing the educational resources needed to help customers better understand digital assets and gain exposure in a way that works for them.

Fidelity provides financial education and resources to individual investors, plan sponsors and participants, institutions, financial advisors, and through our outreach in our communities.

What is Cryptocurrency?

An overview of cryptocurrency and digital assets.

What is Bitcoin?

Learn how the largest cryptocurrency works, along with the key risks to understand.

Are you just getting started?

If you’re new to investing, Fidelity provides a variety of free resources, digital tools, and educational content to break down the basics.

Into the Metaverse: A Crypto Conversation

Step into virtual reality with Fidelity and Morning Brew, for a conversation about cryptocurrency, the Metaverse and the future of money.

A New Way to Learn About Investing

Check out Fidelity’s first immersive metaverse experience.

The Intersection of Cryptocurrency and Wealth Management

This eBook provides advisors with a foundational knowledge of how investors gain exposure to digital assets.


We tracked institutional investors' behavior, preferences and perceptions of digital assets at a crucial inflection point for the industry. Click below to explore the data.