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All of our guidance.

All together.

When you choose Fidelity, you can have your Amazon stock, 401(k), and other investments all in one convenient place.

Seamlessly manage your awards and other investments

Access your stock and 401(k)

ViewLog In Required your Amazon restricted stock units (RSUs), Amazon 401(k), and other financial accounts all in one convenient place.

Manage your shares

It’s quick and easy to sellLog In Required your shares online with a $0 commission. Or reinvest, get cash, or donate.

Get guidance, education, and unmatched value

Fidelity's advisors and straightforward pricing help you make the most of your investments.

How to work with Fidelity

1. Select us as your broker

  • Go to the Amazon Stock portal.
  • Under "Available brokers," select Fidelity.
  • Continue through the account setup process. It's quick and easy!

Use our step-by-step guide (PDF) to open your account.

2. Customize your preferences*

3. Manage your assets*

  • Consolidate your assets and accounts to plan more effectively with everything in one place.
  • Make sure you understand the lifecycle of RSUs (PDF).
  • Use the Fidelity app to monitor your accounts and make changes.

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Let's plan your financial future—together

We are always available to talk through your choices and make sure you feel good about how your stock fits into your overall financial plan.

Why choose Fidelity (2:27)

Discover how to make the most of your equity compensation and overall financial health.

Get answers to questions you have about choosing and using Fidelity.