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Fidelity Investments Financial Education Grant Challenge


Midwest Financial Education

We have selected Utah State University Extension 4-H (Utah 4-H) as the winner of a nationwide search for ideas to improve financial literacy among high school students in low-income areas. Fidelity and Utah 4-H will create and implement in 2014 a unique peer-to-peer financial education pilot program in Utah. Read Entry Rules.

Pilot Program

The new pilot program combines our financial knowledge, innovation and the passion of our employees with 4-H's proven “Teens Reaching Youth” model and years of financial education experience. High school students from across Utah will be trained and coached by our employee volunteers on financial basics – such as budgeting and managing money – and in how to lead and teach peers and younger youth in these critical life skills.

Fidelity and Utah 4-H will co-develop the pilot program and customized curriculum designed to improve students’ financial literacy. High school students from multiple counties across Utah will apply this spring to participate. Teen leaders will engage in hands-on, experiential activities led by our employees during a weekend training session in May to learn basic financial concepts, such as how to budget, save and manage their money.

Teen participants then will use their new knowledge, skills and tools to teach their peers and younger youth about personal finance through various interactive activities and technology they create and leverage. Each teen leader will teach at least six hours to at least 15 youth in settings such as summer camps, clubs and after-school programs. Throughout the program, our employee volunteers will work with teen leaders via an online community and other technology to provide further tips on guiding younger youth and applying financial concepts in their own lives. Research will be conducted with the teen leaders and youth participants to gauge their financial knowledge, skills and attitudes before and after the pilot program. The pilot program will include evaluation to gauge effectiveness and inform future efforts.

About the Grant Challenge

The Fidelity Investments Financial Education Grant Challenge, launched in September 2013, invited Americans and organizations to offer innovative and engaging ideas that improve the financial literacy of high school students in low-income areas and that utilize the company’s employee volunteers and financial knowledge. Utah 4-H’s winning idea was selected from 73 entries submitted from 30 states.

Why Fidelity

The Fidelity Investments Financial Education Grant Challenge and pilot program with Utah 4-H is part of the company’s broader efforts to engage employees to add value to the communities where we work and live. We create volunteer opportunities for our employees that use their insights and experience to help provide students in need with an educational foundation to feel more confident, make smart decisions, and achieve personal and financial goals. Whether we are mentoring students or teaching them financial concepts, the company fosters an environment that encourages employees to share their time and talent throughout the year. Learn more.

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“The need for understanding basic financial literacy concepts is high. I’m excited to help provide financial education to young people to succeed in their educational and life endeavors.”

– Fidelity Investments Volunteer