Get more with the Fidelity HSA®

A powerful way to help gain control of your health care expenses, the Fidelity health savings account (HSA) supports customers at every level.

I am...

an individual or family

With the triple tax advantage1, the HSA can help you save money to pay for qualified medical expenses now and into retirement.

an employer

The Fidelity HSA can offer you and your employees a cost-effective way to save for health care expenses, backed by Fidelity’s commitment to customer service.

a broker or consultant

Fidelity offers claims integration, effective participant education, and the latest in data security technology to meet and protect your clients’ needs.

a health insurer

Trust that your members are getting the most from their HSA because Fidelity offers financial guidance based on decades of experience.

What is an HSA?

An HSA is a tax-advantaged account you can use to save money to pay for qualified medical expenses. Because contributions, qualified withdrawals, and investment growth are all tax-free and your money can carry over from year to year, the HSA can help you gain control over your health care expenses.

An HSA is associated with a HSA-eligible health plan.

Why Fidelity

Exceptional service Exceptional service
Personalized attention when you need it, online or over the phone, to make using your HSA easy
Broad investing options
Offering a full range of investment opportunities, Fidelity's curated Funds to Consider lineup, and Fidelity's Health Savings Funds, the first mutual funds designed specifically for HSA investing
Competitive pricing Competitive pricing with the Fidelity HSA®
Zero account transaction fees2 
Zero separate account fees to invest3
Zero minimums to invest4
Account integration Account integration
Managing retirement and health savings accounts to align your long- and short-term financial goals
Data security Data security
World-class security measures to help keep your accounts safe, including advanced fraud detection
Expert insights Insights & education
Targeted education based on industry-leading research, market insights, and decades of experience

The benefits of HSAs for retirement

Insights for individuals and families


The average couple will spend $315,000 on retirement medical costs as of 2022.5


If you invest half of what you contribute each year, over a period of 30 years your investment could grow to be twice what you need for retirement.6


After age 65, you can use your HSA for anything you want. Non-health care expenses become penalty-free.7


Named for widest investment options, low fees, best savings rates, and zero investment threshold8


Named the best HSA provider9

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