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Fidelity is committed to driving environmental value, engaging stakeholders on sustainability issues, and delivering business results for our customers. With that in mind, we have published our first Environmental Report, which includes detailed data about the progress that we have made in mitigating our environmental impact and examples of innovative investments that may drive future environmental solutions.

At Fidelity, using an Investor Mindset means using empirical data to make decisions, taking a long-term perspective, and not making short-term trade-offs that risk progress toward long-term objectives. An Investor Mindset has been at the heart of our mission to strengthen and secure our clients’ financial well-being since our founding 75 years ago. This mindset extends beyond just our investment professionals, and it challenges leaders across our businesses to use data and insights in their decision-making and planning related to sustainability goals.

Using an Investor Mindset also means that good intentions must be followed-up with clear actions. We know that clients, customers, and partners want increased visibility into our sustainability goals and objectives, as well as our commitments to actions and outcomes. Therefore, we plan to expand our sustainability efforts across all aspects of our business through strategic operational initiatives and long-term innovative investments

Over the past decade, Fidelity’s sustainability efforts have been focused primarily on energy efficiency and resource conservation in our 11-million-square-foot real estate footprint. Therefore, this report is focused on our environmental sustainability efforts and does not address issues such as supply chain management, data privacy, governance, or risk management. We are in the early stages of adopting a sustainability approach throughout our business, including Fidelity’s fund operations, products, risk management, and procurement. Spanning all our work is a commitment to four focus areas that we believe are not only business imperatives, but also the right thing to do for all our stakeholders. These focus areas are:

  • Climate Change - We will continue to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions by expanding our use of renewable energy, with a dedicated focus on reducing carbon. At the same time, to build climate resilience, we are proactively planning for the increasing unpredictability of climate variability and long-term climate change.

  • Resource Efficiency and Conservation - We will continue efforts to increase resource efficiency within our real estate operations by reducing potable water consumption, increasing energy efficiency, and reducing waste and paper, thereby alleviating pressure on natural resources.

  • Stakeholder Engagement - Through Impact, Fidelity’s Special Interest Group focused on environmental sustainability, and in partnership with Fidelity Cares and others, we will partner with communities to advance sustainability priorities and advocate for public policies that align with our objectives.

  • Investment Stewardship - We will enhance the transparency of and reporting on our unique approach to integrating ESG considerations across our products, services, and investment decisions.

This report outlines our approach, progress, goals, areas of opportunity, and future commitments. Together with our annual Report on Investment Sustainability and Impact and our Diversity & Inclusion Report, stakeholders can take a holistic look at how we approach environmental considerations, and how, collectively, this work will drive Fidelity forward.