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Diversity and Inclusion​

Inspiring better futures.
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As a financial services firm dedicated to helping people live better lives by making financial expertise broadly accessible and effective, Fidelity is committed to continually strengthening diversity and inclusivity, in our workplace and our communities. We believe that building and sustaining this culture is both the right thing to do and a business imperative.

Being transparent with respect to diversity and inclusion efforts is vital for any organization. But it has taken on even greater importance in the past year with global and cultural events moving us to reflect on our priorities and the values most important to us. As always, we have a responsibility to identify the need for and to create positive change.

With that pledge in mind, we have published our first Diversity and Inclusion report, which you may download here, and are disclosing our workforce demographic data. We know we must do more and that good intentions must be paired with actions, accountability, and outcomes. We have been actively listening to and learning from our associates, customers, and industry partners.

These engaging and sometimes difficult discussions have propelled us to commit to five focus areas that we believe will engender further positive change for our organization:

  • Increasing the diversity within our company, at all levels.

  • Ensuring inclusion across our workforce, by removing the barriers that can deter or delay it.

  • Creating new opportunities and value for our customers and the communities where we live, work, and serve, by participating in efforts addressing systemic issues that drive inequalities.

  • Being open about our diversity and inclusion progress, including what is working and what is not with respect to increasing our diversity.

  • Being clear about roles and accountability for all associates and working together to achieve our desired outcomes and to maintain our safe and inclusive workplace.

You can read more on our five focus areas in the report, as well as details on the initiatives we are executing to support them, including Fidelity LIFT, a program focused on creating visibility, exposure, and advocacy across our underrepresented associate communities, especially female, Black, and Latinx associates; and another is our new partnership with Take on Race, as we support its distribution of one million connected devices to underrepresented students by the end of 2021. Guiding us on this journey is our new Diversity and Inclusion Senior Advisor Team, nine business leaders who are working closely with our Diversity and Inclusion Office to accelerate our efforts across the firm.

At Fidelity, our foundation is strong, and our work is far from over. We are determined to inspire even better futures, and to deliver even better outcomes … for all.

Abigail P. Johnson
Chairman and CEO

Wendy E. John
Head of Global Diversity & Inclusion