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When you choose Fidelity, you can have your Microsoft stock, 401(k), and other investments all in one convenient place.

Seamlessly manage your stock awards

Access your stock, ESPP and 401(k)

ViewLog In Required your Microsoft ESPP (Employee Stock Purchase Plan), vested stock awards, Microsoft 401(k), and other financial accounts all in one convienient place.

Manage your shares

It's quick and easy to sellLog In Required your shares online with a $0 commission. Or reinvest, get cash, or donate.

Get guidance, education, and unmatched value

Fidelity's advisors and straightforward pricing help you make the most of your investments.

How to work with Fidelity

1 Select us as your broker

  • Go to the Microsoft Stock portal.
  • Select My Stock Broker and choose Fidelity.
  • Once you receive the confirmation email, continue through the account setup process. It’s quick and easy!

2 Customize your preferences*

3 Manage your assets*

Ready to choose Fidelity?

Fidelity Charitable®

Give back by donating your stock and potentially maximizing your tax benefits.

Stock plan webinars

Discover how to make the most of your equity compensation and overall financial health.

ESPP webinar (2:01)

Get the details on how you can buy stock from your employer at a discount from fair market value.