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    Use the Market Ticker to create and view a scrolling list of symbols, as well as market breadth, at the bottom of your Active Trader Pro or ActiveTraderPro.com workspace.

    Viewing the Market Ticker

    The Market Ticker is displayed by default and can be turned off via General Settings. When the Market Ticker is enabled, additional display options are available from the Ticker menu, located at the bottom left-hand corner of your workspace. This menu allows you to build a custom ticker list or populate the ticker with your Positions or Custom Watch Lists. You can also view market breadth data and visuals.

    Mousing over any symbol in the scrolling ticker will freeze the ticker, allowing you to access the Action menu for a particular security. Double-click on a symbol in the ticker to send the symbol to your linked tools. Hover your cursor on the market breadth visuals to see additional details in a pop-up.

    Creating a Custom Ticker

    The Market Ticker can be customized to display up to 50 securities of your choosing. Using the Ticker menu, select Edit Custom Ticker List from the bottom of the View menu to set up your custom list of symbols.

    Viewing Market Breadth

    You can add Market Breadth visuals to display along with any symbol list in your ticker. From the ticker menu, select the Market Breadth menu option. Next, select from Advancing/Declining Issues, New High/Low, and Advancing/Declining Volume across the AMEX, NASDAQ, or NYSE.

    Market Breadth visuals will display at the end of the symbols in your ticker. If you would like to display just market breadth in your ticker, choose the custom ticker list for display and remove all the symbols from the custom ticker list.

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